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Getting Jäger Integrated

Posted on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 @ 7:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher & Lieutenant Commander Jäger Adler

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Security
Timeline: Day 4

Sarah was in her office the door locked in an open position. Her office items had finally caught up to the Armstrong. There were family photos including one of her parents and siblings in front of the family Pub in London. Sarah looking proud and pleased in her brand new Ensign's uniform. There where little puzzles scattered about meant for brain teasers. There was a bonzi tree in one corner and one wall had a computer console imbedded for work but on another it had an image of an ocean. She had to remember to put in a request to engineering to see if they could make the whole wall holographic. All in all it was a comfortable yet functional space.

She was currently bent over a PADD trying to come up with a murder mystery 'training session' that would challenge her officers but not be impossible. A 'Murder Mystery Weekend' was a training use of an old game. In this case a team of officers would be put through a mysterious murder and had to solve it.

It was great fun as well and there were always people wanting to be victims or witnesses. People seemed to discover their inner actor in these cases but as it allowed them to learn to be better and have fun, Thacher was inclined to let it go. She was just wondering if she should include other departments when there was a knock on her door frame she glanced up.

Jäger stood there in the doorway wearing civilian clothes as he wasn't assigned to the ship and was considered a guest. Yet, he was a Starfleet officer and he wanted to keep up on his training. Seeing the young black haired officer bend over the desk, he gave a smile. "Hi. I was looking for the Chief. I'm Lieutenant Commander Adler."

Sarah looked up politely, so used to was she that everyone knew her she was struck by the sudden urge to tell him the Chief wasn't in. She mentally shook it off and put the PADD down smiling, "I am she" She held out her hand, "Lt. Commander Sarah Thatcher and you'd be our travel guest." Her voice was properly London Earth British accent, a soft tone that nevertheless carried.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander Thatcher, and you are correct. I am the guest in question," Jäger said with a smile as he shook her hand. "I would like to request permission to use the phaser range to keep my training up, if possible."

Sarah nods and goes to her desk to log into the security records, "Just a minute.." skims his record for the related parts. One eyebrow went up briefly as she got to his training record. "So I see..." she replied with a mild and rare case of surprise. She'd look at his record when he came on board but nothing more than confirming his id etc. Her own record was mainly investigations which earned her the nickname of Sherlock. She nodded to him, "I don't see a problem here..." She tapped a few keys, "Easily done..."

He noted the raised eyebrow and knew that she'd seen his record of Search and Rescue. "Thank you, Commander Thatcher. Was there something of interest that got your attention which I should be aware of?"

Sarah shrugged and gestured to a chair, "I haven't had the chance yet to do the full range of SAR training, most of my training takes a somewhat different tac..."

"Oh?" Jäger raised an eyebrow of his own. "Perhaps we could benefit from each other while on this trip to the Delta Quadrant. A little cross-training perhaps?"

She looked thoughtful, "What are you thinking exactly?" She gestured to the small replicator hidden in an alcove in the office with a questioning look.

"A sweet tea, please," he accepted her offer. "You haven't had the opportunity to complete the full range of SAR and I could use a refresher course in Security protocols aboard smaller vessels. I'm used to Galaxy and Sovereign class ships."

She went to the replicator and got a sweet tea and an herbal blend for herself. She handed him a cup on a saucer. "It is different, much more like the old submarines. More of our issues are because people are living in each others back pockets." She sat back down and sipped her tea, "We also lack the stopping power of the larger ships against internal and external threats so we must do more with less. It can be a challenge..."

Accepting the sweat tea, Jäger nodded. "That's when you get creative and sling a hammock in a Jeffries Tube to get a little privacy. In regards to the stopping power, it becomes a matter of creativity. For instance, using the Bussard scoops to collect metreon gas before venting it in the path of an enemy ship. A phaser have a much more powerful weapon."

"Bussard collector?" She repeated thoughtfully with a small smile, "Well true it's worked before". She put the tea down, "You have the clearance if you wish I believe I should like to 'pick your brain' as they say. I have a briefing prepared on the likely threats in our area of operation with some ideas for defensive and offensive planning, I can send that to you. I dare say our people could use a bit of SAR training considering our distance from help." Her mind was working in its quiet way, following paths and making contingency plans. "We'd have to specialize the SAR training to our likely needs but I doubt that would be an issue..."

"Given the small size of a Saber class, how is your holodeck capabilities?" he asked her. "I doubt if the Captain would take kindly to SAR maneuvers in the corridors and departments, although that would make for the best scenarios."

"We can manage some training of moderate size but large scale is right out." She replied, "I'll send you what we have and perhaps we can over a plan in detail with my Deputy later?"

"That sounds good," Jäger agreed. "Is there any particular aspect of SAR training that you'd like to focus on?" He named off the individual classes from his personnel file that he was specialized in.

Sarah nodded, "We won't need all of those but some like the survival course and maybe ones like SAR EMT these would be useful I think." She called up her schedule and they spent a few minutes working with her Deputy on timing for a meeting. "Well looks like we're all set." Her smile was genuine, "I know we're a small command but any chance to improve or at least to spend time constructively, is not to be dismissed."

"It's come in handy a number of times," Jäger said as he went over it with her. "Since I don't have a schedule or shifts on Armstrong, I'm open at pretty much any time. I'm sure others on the ship will be eager as well."

With a smile Sarah stood to walk him out.

LTCMDR Jäger Adler
USS Armstrong

Lt. Commander Sarah Thatcher
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Armstrong


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