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Engineering Securing Pranks

Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 12:53am by Specialist Kaleb Buhari & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher & Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Mon May 5th, 2014 @ 7:24pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Various, on the ship
Timeline: Current, MD 3 to MD 4


Tommy hated foot patrol; it was the fact he is the 'Low Man' on the rotations that he drew the Gamma Shift patrol. It did not really seem like they needed a patrol in the middle of 'the night' when most of the crew were sleeping. He was grumbling under his breath as he walked. The fact he could carry a phaser was the only high note to his existence. Glancing up ahead he noticed the dim lighting ahead. He groaned as he should have brought a lantern to help with this, no reason to power up deck lighting for a single foot patrol.

The first thing that hit him was the energy of the restraining Force Field, his whole body seemed to tingle as the shock to his system took effect, tossing him backwards onto the deck out cold.

The holoprojection of the corridor de-pixeled when not projected on the Security Force field that fizzled out. Someone had watched too many cartoons of a character running into a painted image of something that looked real.

[Lower decks]

Luck was not a lady, as the report of a waste reclamation unit failure; a small engineer had to go down through the ducting to find out why it stopped and none of the computer restarts had worked. A restraining field was erected around it to keep anything from further damaging the unit.

Nikki sighed looking round the room as she tried to find out what the problem was.

The protective shield was suddenly dropped to find a well running but 'open valve' of the waste system begin to spew in her direction.

Reacting, the half-Allasomorph shifted and the wolf side of her she referred to as Smokey leaped up onto a shelf above the effluent stream wondering how the hell to get them out of this one. Huddled miserably she began to howl in a loud voice.

[Counselor Office.]

Roe had a type of itch in the back of his head, he could scratch it but he looked around to find himself alone. Then he recalled 'Smokey' would not be here since Nikki was on duty. He had a few moments and thought he should check with Nikki; he would see if Smokey intended to be along later.

=^= Counselor Roe.=^= the voice called over the comm. =^= I-I have a report of a wolf howling in a jeffery tube...=^=

Roe's head fell forward as he wondered why 'Smokey' was loose during Nikki's Shift.

=^= I cannot get a hold of Graham and your name came up as a secondary. Seems there is a bit of a problem and ... well I do have a lock on the pup... =^=

"Wolf Cub." Roe corrected slightly. "Could you beam her to the pad then to my office, I will look after her."

=^= Site to site in your office coming up. =^= The crewman informed.

Smokey materialized in his office all withdrawn and huddled.

"You okay Smokey... what did you get into?"

[One of the Enlisted Quarters]

Security Crewman Dalby was asleep in his quarters and having a great dream. He was Chief of the Security Department on the Flagship and was getting congratulations from the Captain whose life he just saved when he dropped to the deck with a THUD!.

Blinking awake confused he looked at a sea of faces in the Ship's lounge, The Eagles Nest. He was quick on his feet though and jumped to a standing position. Only then did he scan the sea of faces to see varying looks of surprise and laughter. He looked down with a dawning sense of horror only to see himself in a pink, frilly dress.

Angry, he stormed out as the echoing laughter of those in the room followed him. A few other security in the room moved to help him out of there. Showing their support by not laughing, or at least not so he could see.

Angerly, he muttered, "Damn engineers! I got an idea...right after I change my clothes..." with more ideas being thrown at him as he hurried away from them.

Back in the Lounge and standing behind the bar, Kaleb shook his head as the others continued laughing. It had been a long time since they had a prank war on the ship, and as this crew had a tendency to get carried away, he was pretty sure that Carter Hall was not going to be one to take it all in stride.


Tommy NPC'd by Darrell
Nikki NPC'd by Shelley
Dalby NPC'd by Christina

Lieutenant Acel Roe

Specialist Kaleb Buhari
Cryptographer /Language Specialist


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