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The Fun Is Over

Posted on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 @ 5:45pm by Captain Carter Hall & Lieutenant Commander Alexander McKinney & Commander Rosalie De La Croix & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher & Chief Petty Officer River Wild

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Captain's Ready Room.
Timeline: Current, MD 4, Morning.


When Sarah, River, and Rosalie walked into the captain's ready room, Carter was standing behind his desk, and he wasn't happy. "Remain standing." he said tossing down a PADD. "This won't take long."

Rosalie did as told, her back ramrod straight with tension as she eyed Carter. She had gotten to know him well enough so far to know that the look on his face wasn't good so she braced herself for what was to come.

Sarah walked in her demeanor little less her standard pleasant polite nature than usual. She wasn't tense but she was focused, her attitude serious. She nodded to the co and xo and noted the odd feelings in the air. With a mental sigh at what this might mean stood quietly with a patient stillness.

With a barely contained snarl teasing at her lips, River followed the women in, tail hanging low. It was taking a great deal of self control to keep it from snapping. After receiving her own report of the practical jokes she'd been in a mood that was exasperated by the obvious foul mood of Carter. She could smell it in the air and see it in his body language as she came in and stood off to the side of the other two women. Never in all her time on this ship had anything like this occurred and of all the captains it had to be this one that it did happen under.

Carter looked at them all and went straight to the point. "This 'prank war' has to end. I don't care that it's tradition. What happened to LeGant killed that tradition," his voice got louder and it sounded deadly, "it exist no more. Am I making myself clear enough?" He'd had enough; LeGant nearly killed, security retaliating, followed by engineering doing the same.

Sarah opened her mouth to reply then closed it. It was a strong naval tradition and since no evidence could be found Sarah had gone to River as a professional courtesy. She'd promised to look into it but that didn't stop the security department from responding to defend one of their own. Sarah had disapproved but not strongly since a part of her knew they needed that outlet, so they just didn't let Sarah 'see' them do anything. There was a reason for these traditions, usually to keep a small group of people on an even smaller ship from outright killing each other regularly. When it wasn't done properly however, there were situations like this. Since it was her man who started it Sarah glanced at River to see if she wanted to reply but was ready to step in to defend her colleague as best she could.

Standing to the side, Rosalie listened to the discussion. She hadn't been involved in any of it but as XO she understood why Carter wanted her there. No doubt it was about to become her fault for not managing the pranks sooner even though most of it had happened under the radar.

"Understood" River didn't quite hide the growl in her tone. It wasn't directed at him and she hoped Carter understood that. However, she wanted to do a lot more than growl and her engineers wouldn't get her defending the tradition that she so thoroughly believed in right now. Right now she was in total agreement with Carter and could quite easily remove half a dozen heads. It was going to be a miracle if her staff made it through this day alive.

Sarah didn't flinch but she almost pitied the wrong doers in the engineering department. "Understood Sir." Sarah's was more gentle but no less firm. The constant tension between the CO and XO was still there but familiar enough not to trigger a warning bell in Sarah's head though the continued animosity concerned her. It however took a back seat to her plans. She rarely had to raise her voice to make herself heard. She'd been told her command voice often sounded like silk gloved steel. It could sound like a gentle river but carry like the Inn Keepers daughter she was. She'd been willing to turn a blind eye for tradition as long as her people were smart about it. Sarah's background was an investigator, it wouldn't take long to flesh out what she wasn't sure on and make sure those responsible saw the light. She wondered if River would be interested in joint punishments, did people still clean decks with a toothbrush?

Looking between Sarah and Rosalie, Carter sighed. "According to the latest reports it's security's turn. Call a meeting for your department, wake up whoever is sleeping and get them all together to make sure no one doesn't get the message loud and clear; the pranks stop now. Any in the works...if they need help to prevent them from happening, there will be no consequences if they speak up..." he paused reigning himself in more and although his voice remained firm, he said quietly, "..perhaps instead a pat on the back for their ingenuity. But if anyone doesn't come through with this order, their ass will be off this ship once we reach the DQ."

Despite still feeling extremely pissed River did feel a deep sadness. One of the aspects of the whole tradition she loved was seeing what either side came up with, it also was one of the few remaining connections between those still here and those who had been lost.

Speaking up River commented, "Engineers already are reporting in as 'turns' are not followed always. Kowalenko has been on it since told I was."

"I'm quite willing to lend either of you a hand in containing all of this." Rosalie spoke up, not getting the whole prank thing at all and just wanting it all to end. At least it would be one headache off her shoulders. Shame she couldn't say as much about the other one she thought as she looked back at its source, Captain Carter 'Grumpy Pants' Hall.

His eyes going to her, Carter slowly nodded, keeping them there a moment longer before he pulled them away to look at Sarah. "Whoever is responsible for pranking," if that's what it was, "your deputy, Commander, still hasn't stepped forward. McKinney's still looking into it. He's in engineering right now exploring an idea that came to him this morning."

"You feel LeGant had something to do with the process? That it was in response to a prank he pulled and not just someone having an issue?" Sarah asked carefully, wishing to clarify.

"That's what we're stating for now," Carter said firmly, "but my gut instinct tells me there's something more to it. McKinney's going to report to you when he's finished." He looked between the three again, "I'm going to dismiss this meeting. Let's end this prank war and find other ways of keeping this crew busy."

After everyone had left, Carter sat down behind his desk. His eyes went over to his computer monitor as he leaned back in his chair, LeGant's image on the screen staring back at him.

Carter had requested the man's assignment to the Armstrong, but something about the Orion didn't feel right. Carter had this 'sixth sense' that warned him when danger was imminent, and what he was feeling now was similar, not quite the same, yet enough to cause him delay on revealing his plans for having him there.

The chime from his readyroom door interrupted his thoughts and he looked up. "Enter." The doors swooshed opened and Alex walked in with a data chip.

"Captain, I think you should see this before I show it to Commander Thatcher." he said, handing it over to him.

Carter inserted the chip into his computer and his violet eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched as he viewed what was on it. Inhaling deeply, he leaned back again in his seat and looked up at Alex. "Leave informing Commander Thatcher to me, Commander."

"Understood, Sir."


Captain Carter Hall
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