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Now Just Who Started This?

Posted on Fri Dec 6th, 2013 @ 8:01pm by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher & Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant & Lieutenant Shaun Grayson & Ensign Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz
Edited on on Mon Dec 9th, 2013 @ 11:53pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: LeGant's Holodeck time/Sickbay
Timeline: Current/Day 3 After Risa/Late Afternoon


LeGant was making his way through the routine of exercise; he had been diligent in keeping his regiment together, it was a time to get his road work in and on this occasion he was running in the desert; he liked the heat and the lack of humidity. The air was sweet; despite being simulated, and he had covered ten clicks in a short time with another four to go.

Then it hit; the weather controls were changed; he went from roughly ninety degrees to four degrees, the place was covered rapidly in snow as the settings changed in mid stride. The fact he was in running shorts and a tank top did very little to insulate him as his sneakers fell into snow. He came to a halt aided by a chilling head wind that was at least ten clicks an hour. He was losing his body heat rapidly, he toppled to the snow as 'He hated snow.... His comm badge registered the drop in LeGant; his body was rapidly going into a type of shock.

The SIte to Site put LeGant in the Medical bay right away.

Lianz saw the transporter form solidify as That Man' was materialized. She almost took a second to register that it was an emergency transport but she felt the lack of his wanting to be there and the cold sensations...

"Doctor!" Lianz yelled as the Medical Bay Alerts went off. "Hypothermia!" She rushed to the cabinet to get a blanket. "Computer sanitize Force field." She saw the body heat and being an Orion herself, in part, knew what would happen to him. "Computer enclose heat to ten degrees celsius..." She ordered as she put the blanket over him. "Raise temperature on degree every three seconds..." She knew the Doctor would be here almost instantly. "Doctor, Orion's cannot take cold, they go into comas... not many know that?"

"Well lucky for him I do." Shaun Grayson grinned at Lianz as he approached LeGant and as he watched the readouts on the biobed asked "Why is he like this anyway?"

"It was a Medical Transport, he must have been somewhere cold, and knowing how stubborn males are of my race he did not go of his own choice. Something wrong with the Holodeck settings maybe, he is in running clothes?" She noticed he was a rather ... good specimen of the Orion Males, she looked him over head to foot and tried to seem like it was 'Medical.'

LeGant felt cold all over but his body was warmin and he could begin to feel his extremities so no frostbite. "Going to kill whomever-did-this..." He groaned.

"Not right now you're not." Shaun replied, "So just lay there, relax and let me take care of the rest okay?" he added as he began the reheating process.

"I think he is going to be fine; irritation is a normal emotion for Males." Lianz said with some relief. "Now what happened?"

"Desert jog one second and blizzard the next." LeGant said as he started to relax and let the warmth flow through him.

"Sounds like sabotage to me." Shaun commented as he worked then looked at the others and shrugged before adding "Just saying."

"I know I'd did not program that when I set up the simulation..." He opened his eyes and looked at the Doctor. "Either computer major glitch or one might say it was a j-joke in bad taste?"

*Lianna...* She took a second to project as a Betazoid who is close to a person would sense any 'hurt' and it would likely bring the science chief running if not handled correctly. *He will be fine just give us some time to stabilize his body temp. No real damage other than annoying him from what I can tell.*

Halting in mid run to medical Lia sent back tentatively *You sure? .. he ... I couldn't feel him properly*

*Hypothermia, he will warm up to normal soon enough.* Lianz projected.

*Look after him? I'm on my way but he can be stubborn.*

Sarah was concerned and puzzled. She had been working in her office when the notification came through that LeGant had been site to sited to medical but there was nothing on the boards aka no known threats so she wasn't entirely sure what happened. Rather then participate in pointless guessing without solid facts she made her way to sickbay. Entering quietly she said nothing at first, taking in the scene. She relaxed immediately when she saw an awake and seemingly unharmed LeGant. And the body language of the medical personnel, serious but not in high crisis mode. She glanced at medical readouts on LeGant's condition as she stepped closer, careful to stay out of the medicos way. She blinked in surprise, "Hypothermia?..." She finally said and turned to LeGant with a questioning look.

"It seems that Mr. LeGant was running in a blizzard." Lianz said as the doctor continued with his practice. "We Orions do not do well in ... cold. If our body temp is low enough we go into a coma."

Sarah raised an eyebrow briefly, she had gotten to know LaGant and he did not strike her as the kind of person who would do this to himself, "System glitch?" She finally said.

"F-a-t C-h-a-n-c-e." LeGant said slowly as he was starting to feel a bit more comfortable. "I would presume an Engineer or OPS played the prank. but OPS are not as likely, the sudden change and range is well engineered, not just settings as the computer -knows the safeties of an Orion... I programmed them myself."

Sarah's lips thinned, "Still best to check because if it wasn't a glitch...I find this to be in poor taste." She said in a deceptively mild voice that promised heads would roll. She turned from LeGant and called Simok informing him of the situation.

Lianna walked in and over to him tentatively "Aeron?"

"Li-anna..." LeGant started to show the slight sign of a smirk. "I will be fine... been more beat up in a bar fight." He reached a hand for her to take as he could sense her concern. "Someone is going to be in for a rude awakening..." He said in a little more than his monotone voice.

Taking his hand Lia slowly relaxed feeling he was alright.

Finishing her conversation Sarah returned to LeGant and saw his new visitor. She took in their body language and her face was deadpan but her eyes held a small smile, "Well as I can see, Mr. LeGant is in good hands. I think I will beat the bushes on just what happened here unless you have anything add?" She asked LeGant.

"Best if you find them first." LeGant warned, his mind tried to hold the distaste in his mind from Lianna, she did not like violence.

"And right now he needs to rest." Shaun commented sternly, deciding that there had been enough talk for now, "A few hours and then I should be able to discharge you, okay?"

"A few hours too many." He replied in the dead pan tone. "Who did this is getting awfly comfortable thinking they did it right?" He look up. I Would like to put him straight..." He looked slightly Leanna's direction. "Or at least find some way to get warm?"

"And that's my cue." Sarah said with a nod, "Try to get some rest LeGant. We will sort this..." A nod at the others then she turned and headed out with a brisk step.

Lia smiled and moved closer to him "I could ... help warm you?"

A mild expression change; the sly beginnings of a smirk

"Not in this sick bay you don't." Shaun chimed in, looking sternly at the pair, "What you do elsewhere is your own business but this isn't the time or the place." he added as he crossed his arms and glared.

"Your bedside manner needs work." LeGant commented. "She was referring to helping warm my ... heart." LeGant put up a hand for her to hold. "You should put your mind in perspective, to do anymore with the two of you here would be inappropriate. I do hope her helping with a Betazoid Bond we have might be acceptable, having a loved one close is supposed to be good for recovery is it not Doc?"

"I guess." Shaun conceded begrudgingly thinking that on a personal level he really wouldn't know.

Lianz looked at the patient, his aura was vibrant with more romantic colors but none of them the 'lustful' brilliance that men tend to get when aroused. She tilt her head as this man did have normal intimate thoughts he could not keep from being noticed in the ambient emotional 'air' but also it was the hues of intimacy towards Lianna. Lianz would not have believed it from an Orion Male; loyalty is not their strong suit.

*H-he needs you ; if you have not realized it Sister, you might have had a point earlier... or he is good as putting up a mental front.* She projected to Telaio leaving the statement for Lianna to decide.


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