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Dinky-di & Fair Dinkum?

Posted on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 @ 6:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander McKinney & Lieutenant Acel Roe

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Current, MD 4 late morning


Roe was in his office he had then was getting the small bit of food from the replicator, it was a light duty shift and an odd time, few people were in the Mess Hall at the moment. Roe had him a small sandwich and a tea, he was just looking about, a place to sit and not alone. The captain had asked he check on some people and McKinney was one of them. Roe saw a chance to 'talk' as conversation is always more helpful to people than requesting an official visit. He moved over to the table where McKinney sat.

"Commander McKinney?" Roe said with a smile. "I am Roe, new to the ship, mind if I join you?" He gave a friendly expression. "I am new guy on the block you know?"

Alex had looked up at him, and having just taken a bite of his sandwich, he continued to chew, gesturing for him to take a seat across from him.

"Thank you Commander." Roe took the offered seat with his thick Bajoran soup and Iced Tea from Earth. "I am trying to get acquainted with the crew; everyone is afraid I am trying to fish for appointments so thank you for accepting my request." He nod. "Being the new guy is one thing but a counselor does complicate it a bit."

Watching him, Alex nodded as he swallowed his food. "Aye." he agreed, and then wiped his hands with his napkin before extending one over the table to shake his. "Welcome to the Armstrong, Counselor." and smiled widely.

"Thank you Commander, but you can call me Roe." He said casually as he accepted the handshake. "It is a small ship; I like the feeling of smaller ships, reminds me of back home, we were always close quarters. Left over from our time as Slaves we tend to prefer the feeling of someone close."

Alex nodded slowly and stared at Roe momentarily before going back to his sandwich. "I understand." he said, and then added, "Call me Alex."

"I do have something that I am curious about?" Roe took a drink to give time to focus his thought. "Being this is a close knit group and I am coming into it, anything I should know; I mean, usually with a close set of friends a newcomer has to mind his step, any help you can offer would be great in my trying to fit in more?"

Swallowing another bite, Alex nodded. "Just be yourself," he said, and lifted his glass, "As long as your loyal, upfront, 'n' bottling your blood's worth, you'll be cool-bananas." Then he took a drink, looking thoughtful before saying, "Watch out for the chiefs tail... 'n' duck when you see a mini dragon. Be prepared...for insults by our top tactical officer 'n' expect to be hit on by our transporter chief..." that caused him to grin, "guard your lap, 'n' if you get stupid blotto, don't instigate challenges in the lounge."

"That is a short list." Roe said as he chuckled. "I am glad it will be that simple."

"Aye, that it will be." Alex agreed, and looking for a moment as if he was studying Roe, took another swallow and finished chewing before asking him, "So tell me...what is the real reason you're sitting here?"

"I am the new man on the ship; I also happen to be the counselor but wanted to be a friendly type rather than go around like someone always trying to shrink someone's head." He chuckled. "I am a rather good guy once people get to know me; or so I was told before I came into Star Fleet." He shrugged. "Better to be someone's, as Aussies say, mate rather than a head shrink."

Alex nodded, agreeing, and picked up his napkin to wipe his hands, "Aye 'n' how's it going so far?" looking interested.

Roe had to pause half a second; he had met a nurse and an Engineer that were both female and seemed not to mind his company and the Commander seemed to take this approach well for the most part. "My office is not with a line outside but I am getting to know a few people so I would say it is going rather well." Roe admit. "I believe to have friends you must first try to be a friend."

"I agree." Alex said quietly, his brows coming slightly together, and then placing his napkin on his tray look to be contemplating something.

"Is there something on your mind Alex?" Roe said casually as he took a small drink.

Alex leaned on the table and ran his hand down his mouth and chin, first looking at the table surface, then up at Roe. "If you read my file then you know I received some bad news not so long ago." he said with an intense look in his eyes, "Everything is suppose to be okay now. But I still feel as if I'm reeling 'n' I don't know which way I'm going half the time."

"Bad news is always a shock and even when the news becomes 'resolved' there is often a point when during the calm the mind is waiting for another hammer to fall." Roe said with a calming tone. "Feelings are not as 'on-off' and are more a part of everything than most want to imagine." He added. "I believe that is why the friendly ear is the best medicine for times when we are caught off guard, getting those feeling off the chest and finding out you are not as scattered as you think often helps a lot."

Alex stared back, and with what Roe said sinking in, he slowly nodded before replying quietly, "Yeah" and wishing that was all there was. He breathed in deeply and grabbing onto his tray, rose from his seat. "Thank you, Counselor." he said, appreciating the effort but looking unlike he felt any better than before. "If you'll excuse me..."

"I have an opening after your shift on the morrow." Roe tried to put out there. "Friendly ear on tap." He mentioned. "See you then Commander, just more of a good chat?"

Having started to turn away from him, Alex turned back. "Aye." he hesitated, "I'll see you then."

Roe nodded in response, and allowed the man to leave. It was slowly becoming apparent this is a complex ship.


Lt.Cmdr. Alex McKinney
SCE Team XO/Engineer
USS Armstrong

Lt. Acel Roe
USS Armstrong


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