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A Holodeck Investigation

Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2014 @ 10:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander McKinney & Lieutenant Commander Simok & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher
Edited on on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 1:25am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Holodeck Two
Timeline: Current/Day 3 After Risa/Evening

Still wearing the button down shirt and shorts from his time with Alora, Alex entered the holodeck and glanced around. A program was already running, and the yellow and black grid was replaced with sky scenery on the ceiling, a desert landscape along the floor.

Standing just inside the door beside the computer control panels was Simok, his dark brown eyes taking in the display.

"Simok, what's this all about?" Alex asked, glancing around again.

Turning towards him, Simok frowned a little. "Lieutenant LeGant was running this program when he was emergency transported to Medical. He is currently being treated for hypothermia."

"Hypothermia?" Alex looked puzzled. Placing his hands on his hips, he looked around them again.

"He claims the weather controls were changed to that of a blizzard, but I see no evidence of this." Simok continued, "However, I have no reason to doubt his word, nor his current physical condition."

Alex ran his hand over his mouth and chin and approached one of the open panels. "Did you look through the auxilliary database?"

"I did," said Simok, " and bypassed the security overide, tried every decryption protocol that I could think of. There is no evidence from this location that anything went wrong with the program, nor that the holodeck malfunctioned."

"From this location..." Alex turned and looked knowingly to Simok, who raised a knowing eyebrow in return. "Locked down this holodeck until further notice, Mister Simok. I'll be in engineering."

"Yes, Commander."

Hitting his combadge as he left the holodeck, Alex requested that Sarah meet him there.

A short time later, Alex stood in at the holodeck controls in engineering. He moved over to a nearby monitor at Sarah's approach.

"Commander McKinney." She said as she moved to the controls, "LeGant will recover, did you learn anything?" She asked politely but intently.

Glad to hear the assistant chief was going to be alright, Alex glanced over at her before returning his gaze to the monitor and shook his head. "Not yet.. I'm looking over the narrative parameter file archives. Here we go..." he stood back so they each could watch. LeGant's program appeared on the monitor, and there he was running in a desert setting. Alex raised an impressed eyebrow as he watched the Orion run; he made it seem effortless. He glanced over to Sarah with a wry smile. A part of him couldn't help but wonder that as a women, well...

Sarah nodded, "So all normal.." she said watching the screen. She shrugged back at Alex at his look. LeGant wasn't the first large man who could move gracefully that'd she seen and wouldn't be the last. And she'd trained with him who was perhaps less surprised than Alex was. "How long until the sudden change?" She asked curiously.

The other corner of his mouth raised as he glanced back to her again. He extended out a hand as his brows furrowed in puzzlement, "You don't find that...?" and seeing her expression, he shrugged, "Okay, nevermind..." and continued to watch, "From the records of when he entered the holodeck until he was beamed out...should be anytime."

Sarah's eyebrows went up briefly at his comment. She caught on to what he meant but left it alone. There was a time and a place after all, she focused on the readouts next to the images waiting for the change.

Alex's words couldn't have timed better, for that was when everything visually changed. LeGant was suddenly in a blizzard, and was reacting fast to the change. "Damn..." Alex murmured, and he turned back to the console, his fingers moved swiftly over the panel.

Sarah waited for Alex to learn more about exactly what happened not being one to ask silly questions like "What?" before their time.

"Someone programmed into the npfs, reconfigured the subprocessors to make their changes..." Alex stood back for her to see on the console screen. "This is the first time the program was modified 'n' then again..."

"I see.." She said slowly in a tone that indicated she did know, she crossed her arms and stared at the readouts looking serious as she considered how best to proceed. "I don't suppose there's anything handy like evidence as to whom?" She said not really thinking there would be. It was clear it was someone in the engineering department and from the action it looked like it was meant as a joke. Sarah 'tisked' to herself if one is going to play a joke they needed to do proper research on their target to ensure it was safe. Dangerous is never funny.

Alex exhaled and shook his head as he crossed his arms, "It'll take some time, but I'll figure it out."

"If you need any support please let me know, thank you for your help Commander." She said even as she knew security wouldn't sit still for this. There was no way to keep it quiet or keep all attempts at vengeance from happening. The best she could hope for is to set ground rules, she wondered if engineering knew what it was getting itself into with this...


Lt.Cmdr. Sarah Thatcher
USS Armstrong

Lt.Cmdr. Alex McKinney
SCE Team XO/Engineer
USS Armstrong

Lt Cmdr Simok
Senior Ops Officer
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