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Moral Support

Posted on Sat Sep 7th, 2013 @ 5:44pm by Commander Rosalie De La Croix & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 5:57am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: XO office
Timeline: Current/Day before arrival to Risa


LeGant had an idea of what he needed to say and that things according to his observations were in flux. Something had to be done and it fell to LeGant to do them. Sarah was the Security Chief and a directly answerable person to the Executive Officer but LeGant had to be aware of his duties and with the Captain being a little 'irritated' LeGant decided to see to things in his own way.

He went to the Office and rang the chime.

"Come in!" Rosalie called and sat back in her chair. Touching her nose which was still tender despite the time that had elapsed since the argument, she wondered who could want to see her right now and hoped that it wasn't Carter.

"Commander." LeGant said in his usual expression and tone. "I came to check on you Ma'am." He said calmly. "Could say professional call. Thought you might like knowing someone is in your corner?"

Rosalie visibly relaxed when she saw that it wasn't the CO and she smiled at LeGant. "In my corner?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Captain's usually have counselors but Executive Officers do not have the same." LeGant said calmly. "What I offer is like what the Humans refer to as a 'mate' or a "friend' that they can talk to and know that person will support them no matter what?" He look directly in her eyes. "I have read your records and noticed how you are in the staff meeting. The XO is a hard job to fill... sometimes it is good to know someone has your back?"

"Well that's kind of you." Rosalie smiled before asking "What exactly have you noticed in the staff meetings?"

You roll with the pinches, you try to do your duty and you have an idea of what you should do." LeGant rattled off. "besides all department heads really bide for the Captain's attention, you are the intermediate between crew and captain... thought you could use some support there?"

"Oh I'm sure that you have your own duties." Rosalie replied, admittedly tempted to use someone as a liaison between herself and Carter, "I wouldn't want to intrude on your time." she smiled at him, truly grateful that he had take the time to check on her.

"Security is more than just enforcement of procedures and laws; it also is to give a sense of well being and; if you forgive the pun, sense of Security to the crew we are to protect." He gave a hint of a smirk to break the default Stoic expression. "I hope you will feel safe knowing I am there to watch your back Ma'am?"

"I'm sure I will." Rosalie smiled at him, "Though I am capable of looking after myself you know." she added with a wink.

"Of that I am very sure, just making sure you do not live up to the Earth Saying, 'it is lonely at the top', we are a family so you do not have to be alone. The one thing ; I have noticed, is that Commanders sometimes forget they do not have to do it all themselves and can ask for help?"

"I'll keep that in mind." Rosalie smiled at him, genuinely happy with the fact that at least some people on this crew cared even if certain people couldn't give a monkey's uncle.

"I am at your service." LeGant offered.

"Thank you." Rosalie nodded, everything still feeling too raw and hurtful to talk about right now. "Was there anything else?" she asked in an attempt to remove herself from the topic of conversation.

"Not really." LeGant gave her a bow to excuse himself and left the office.

"Thanks again." Rosalie called after him and watched him leave. It was good to think that she had another ally here on the ship. Goodness knows she needed it if she was going to cope with Captain Grumpy Pants.



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