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One Orion too many

Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2013 @ 9:40am by Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant & Ensign Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz
Edited on on Sun Oct 12th, 2014 @ 2:13pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: The Eagles Nest
Timeline: Current/Day 3 After Risa


LeGant had asked to meet Lianna in the lounge; it was a simple thing to have someone else prepares the food while they enjoyed the time; plus it seemed a good time to just be out of their cabins for a change. LeGant had made sure the Captain was not in the lounge at the moment. Seemed the best way to keep things from escalating. He had resigned himself to the table near the portal of course.

Lianz had not sauntered; it was her natural walk that seemed second nature to her, into the lounge. She became a regular in the time she had spent on the Armstrong, getting to know the crew better and have some stimulating fun along the way. Maybe it was a bit wrong but she could not help herself as the men were so friendly. She had taken the time to change into a just over the knee frock and shoes dyed to match.

She scanned the crowd and her saunter vanished and her steps halted almost in mid-stride. She started to spin on her heel before things got out of her control, she would make a hasty exit and be free.

"Ensign Lianz..." LeGant called to his fellow Orion. "I am sorry we did not meet sooner..."

Damn it, she was caught, thoughts of acting as though she did not notice flashed through her head; running away just because she did not want to face a male Orion again passed her conscious mind and then there was the fact he is supposed to have some relationship to keep him the hell away from her.

"LeGant..." Lianz turned to move in his direction. "I ; fancy meeting you here?" She noticed the ominous face; the lack of expression and the way he held himself. He is a killer all right; trained in the Syndicate for sure.

"It is the lounge." LeGant pointed out. "Pretty normal to meet people wanting to eat here."

Lia was getting Aeron and herself some food, placing their orders she headed tentatively over to where the other two were standing in an almost Mexican standoff. Leaning into his arm she gave the other woman a smile "Hi."

"I am Teese'ah; humble Slave Girl of the Becca House." She seemed to glare.

"I am Aeron LeGant of the Family LeGant, formerly of Zeeg House." LeGant actually had less stoic and a ever so slight hint of agitation in his expression, he hoped Leanne did not hold this against him. "What evil have we done you Teese'ah?" LeGant said and then went into what only the two of them would understand. [I am no Enforcer, that stopped at the act of choice when I was brought to Earth.]

[You are trained as an Enforcer; your expression is one of an Enforcer, how many of us did you use force to protect yourself from us?"] Teese'ah spat back in Orion.

The Language of Orions is still cloaked in secrecy, never has a translator been able to make sense of the language as it is spoken outside Orion Circles so rarely.

Lia blinked, going by the feelings from them both these was a difficult conversation but she couldn't follow it language wise.

[I never ran a slave.] LeGant said.

[How many did you get the honor to deflower?] Lianz spat at him.

"None..." He said in Standard so Lianne could hear. "I was not trained for moving inventory."

"Leesha tah noka...?" [The Bone Breakers] Lianz took a step back and looked ready to bolt.

"Bone Breakers?" Lia frowned she didn't understand why but she was starting to pick up some of the words almost instinctually. "The only bones I've ever seen him break were in defense of me."

"I would be ware of him; he is more than he seems." Lianz said as she shook her head. "Bone Breakers collect debts, women and generally what humans call thugs." She tilts her head at LeGant. "Y-you have a weird aura Mister?" She could not help noting the regal purples, the golden of heart and the silver of duty that swirled in his aura while it had brighter colors than she recalled of Orions in her past.

"You do not know me as I do not know you." LeGant took his seat. "Perhaps you might learn more if we do not make a scene, sort of truce?"

Lia nodded in understanding of how the other woman felt but said gently "He is a different man."

Lianz waited until the woman that loved him; it was obvious even to Lianz this woman favored LeGant. A Betazoid as well she had a very innocent Aura in many ways; her being was not callous like some, she did want to deceive. "I am willing to listen to you." She projected ~Sister, lend me some sense he is not what I think?~

Lia sent her a wave of feelings and memories ... the times he had protected her, had cared for her when she got sick, how gently he treated her even when he was annoyed at her putting herself in danger.

Lianz hesitantly took a seat across from him to keep an eye on him as well. "So why are you in Starfleet?" Lianz asked. "Attractive, strong and could have moved up faster in the Syndicate you know?"

"Papa taught me better on Earth, I was here to protect people so that is what I do?" He told her.

Smiling gently at him, Lia teased "I definitely put that to the test."

"There are things that can be done to lessen those." He had a thought of being very close to her in order to keep her protected. "I will work on them as we go."

She grinned at him leaning into his shoulder "I look forward to it."

Lianz was all but flabbergasted, an Orion whom the woman loved and he was gentle; she could sense something that caught her with a start. ~You think he could be your Imzadi!~ Lianz sent to the Betazoid sister.

Lia nodded ~I think so.~ She smiled at Lianz ~He really is different.~

The reply could have been a phaser shot by the look on her face, she glance his way and no change in his expression, the aura of his emotions were brighter colors or have taken on more luminescence since Lianna arrived and is close to him. She watched the aura for a second and the man who emitted it, what kind of a trick was this or is it even a trick for all she knew?

"You love her?" Lianz said as though it were not common knowledge. "I see it in your aura; you get brighter when she is close?"

"That is normal I am told when one loves another." LeGant said with some slight inflection.

~D-does he know how you feel that he is your Imzadi?~ She wanted to know before making a fool of herself.

~I know he knows I love him ... I'm not sure if he knows how much ... you can tell him its ok.~ it wasn't a secret.

"Y-you realize how much she loves you don't you?" Lianz was still a bit surprised. "She loves you more than I think you can know?"

"We were parted for years and when we met again it deepened." He shrugged. "What more do I really need to disclose outside of my Love Lianna?"

Lianna blushed "I feel the same way about Aeron."

"I -I cannot believe that an Orion Male would be tender enough to ... to..." Lianz was without words; her conception that ALL Orion Males were demons and perverts was deflated.

"I am an in a very small percentage of Orion Males." He put an arm around his love. "I was raised on Earth and taught to be a gentleman..." He thought about a grin but nothing happened. "One who could snap a man in several different places easily but a gentleman all the same."

Lianna laughed "I can attest to that ... a creep got a little too friendly with me .... Wouldn’t take no so Aeron broke every bone in his hand." She giggled "Then took him to see the medic."

"I did tell him you were hands off." LeGant said. "I did warn him twice even before I made the point."

"You are a Bone breaker type." Lianz kept watching his aura. "You do not have a normal Orion Aura."

"I worked hard to be whom I am; Lianna seems to like it and I have not been thrown off the ship , yet."

"Hey buster ... no getting kicked off ... I like you being here."

"As deputy Security Chief it will be hard for me to be sent away." LeGant assured.

"Do you really protect that well?" Lianz had the sultry sparkle. "I think I'll leave you two alone." She smiled. ~Don't prove me right sister.~ She projected and left the table with a little sway in her hips, she was having fun and not at all scared anymore.

~I promise ...~ Lia smiled at her.


Lt Commander Lianna Telaio
Chief Science Officer
USS Armstrong

LT Aeron LeGant
Deputy Sec/ Tac
USS Armstrong

Ensign Teese'ah Lianz
USS Armstrong


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By Captain Carter Hall on Wed Dec 4th, 2013 @ 9:52am

Great post guys, wonderful character development here. :)

But please try not to forget, there is no food ordering or preparing in the Lounge. :) It's a small lounge with a self serve bar and dessert/drink replicator. There are no civilian meal preparers. They prepare their own meals by either replicated food in the messhall, cooking their own (unless they managed to get a crewmate to cook for them) in the small make-shift kitchen off the messhall (the only kitchen on the whole ship), or they can makeshift their own meals in their quarters via crockpot or something like that.