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As long as we're together

Posted on Mon Aug 26th, 2013 @ 3:19pm by Lieutenant Acel Roe & Ensign Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz
Edited on on Mon Aug 26th, 2013 @ 3:42pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Roe quarters
Timeline: 18 hours before Armstrong arrivial.


Roe was reading while waiting for the ship to arrive; Casey was out in a training session for next tournament in a few weeks so Roe decided to just relax. Having been very 'active' the last few days he could use a little relaxing.

Then the chime.

Roe went to the door and when it slid aside he saw Nurse Lianz waiting; he had met her naturally on the ship heading to Risa as they had been assigned to the same command. An Orion is a beautiful woman to say the least and he wondered why the empath was in his quarters? They had not slept together; she had mentioned a rule of not sleeping with men on her ship if she could help it. Today she wore a soft pastel knee length dress with longer sleeves and a flaired skirt that sway with her steps, the natural movements of a cat and only the heels of her ankle boots gave away her movements.

"Hello Roe." Lianz's voice always seemed to have a 'purr' to it and Roe is convinced it came more naturally to Lianz. "Mind if I come in?" She asked.

"Open Door Policy you know." Roe moved so Lianz could enter.

"That is why I am here." Lianz seemed to partly float as she walked with only the slightest of steps centered, poised and elegant in many ways. "You are the Counselor of the Armstrong right?"

"I will be." Roe corrected. "Once we get to the ship."

"Would it be cheating if I ask a little favor?" Lianz spun ; more of a twirl as the skirt flaired just a but more as she sat and crossed her legs. "You are the only Counselor and when we get to the ship you will be doing the evails of the new crew?"

"Yes, but why are you bringing this up now?" Roe moved as the door closed to sit across from her. "That can be done after you relax."

"But can we do it as the ship is due on the morrow..." She began.

"I got word myself and began packing." Roe replied.

Lianz leaned forward a bit. "I would like you to have a better reputation than on your first day after arriving with an Orion and sharing time on a ship with me." She winked. "If I can not be seen in your office it will do us both a good turn." She sat back. "What is really the change between now and then?"

"I - I see your point." Roe agreed. "I see no harm in that we both will be busy and I can clear you without lying that I met with you officially; even if not oficially by technicality." He sat back in is own chair and looked to her face. "If you are serious about this?"

"I am."

Roe had no objections to it actually; it would be good to get some work done as all he had been doing of late is transfer flights and sitting in a cabin when not talking in the mess hall. He sat comfortably in his chair and looking up when he was ready shot Lianz the question.

"Tell me something you do not want me to know?" Roe asked.

Lianz tilt her head and in those few seconds pondered the question and the options; Roe's Aura was in flux but not in a way she understood, he was serious about the question and answer. "It is hard for me to watch the men while I keep myself ... on celebacy. It is a desire in my Gene Pool to have sex and I do not like that part of myself."

Roe nod, she gave an honest answer so proving she is willing to follow the process and the results of it. "Is that why you try so hard to almost be Vulcan sometimes?" Roe had seen it before. "While in the freighter you kind of 'spaced out' like you were trying to keep a thought going when we first met?"

"I-I was attracted for a second but as we both work for Medical I decided not to not go anywhere as we are part of same crew." She answered honestly. "I have strict guidelines about my crew and not dating. It is awkward on a large ship ..." She spoke without having to think or hesitate. "A small vessel would compound the problem."

"Being Orion you naturally have to be more careeful about your... interludes?" Roe said. "I have known a few women who had a reputation that was unfounded and it was hard."

"Exactly, then add I am not a counselor with my Betazoid side but a nurse it rather complecates things." Lianz looked to Roe with an expression that showed a small bit of weakness in her aloof armor. "I have heritage from two of the most sensual races and I need to control them both."

"I see that could be a problem." Roe agreed. "But I see also that I am not unusually attracted..." He had to think a second. "No offense but it seems you try hard not to use your female abilities overtly?"

"I am a healer who happens to be able to be all but irresistable to men; I use that sometimes with the wounded to give them comfort." Lianz explained. "It was studied on Earth that a; and I quote, a Pretty face aids in a male's road to recovery." She shrugged. "I am a pretty face in that regard, I also have empathy to help as well as in depth training. I think I am a good Nurse."

Roe sat back a bit and gave her a smile of assurance he had learned as a Vedek. "I read your file and from hearing your passion for your duty I am pretty sure you are a good Nurse." He thought of Casey for a second and how diffrent her beauty was compared to an Orion biologically engineered to be lovely. "You have done good work and I can say it is my opinion you should be allowed to do that which you are so adept at."

"I passed my evaluation?" Lianz smiled a genuine smile. "Why such a short question session?"

"We talked a lot on the way here; your passionate replies about your life and duty and the fact to gave me an honest answer to my first question." Roe explained. "That was a trick question and the answer told me how open you are to the counseling process; you did not hesitate and gave a part of yourself not shared with many IF anyone really."

Lianz could not help the way the light reflected in her eyes; the way only Orion females do on two occasions; they wish to seduce or they are happily surprised by someone. "I see why you were a man of your faith." Lianz said and tried to reign in her heritage. "You observe much." Her head tilt. "You have someone ... here it is in your aura."

"She is out of my league." Roe added. "I am enjoying it while it lasts."

"Words my people live by." Lianz rose with almost regal manners.

"I -I am not trying to drive you off." Roe commented.

"No, if I stay here much longer I might like what she sees in you." She winked. "Women do not like competition." She accepted the escort Roe had taken the position to do. "I thank you for seeing me on no notice." She thanked him as they walk. "Be well..." She offered him a handshake. "That is the proper saying from Bajor is it not?"

"Yes it is." Roe smiled. "You know the door is always open to you."

"Be careful saying that to an Orion..." She had the sly smile of a cat looking at a toy. "She just might take you up on it?" Lianz walked out not waiting for his reaction on his face, the ambiant emotional projection put a bigger smile on her face as she continued down the corridor.


Lt Acel Roe


Ensign Teese'ah Lianz
Chief Nurse.


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