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Calling the Head Nurse.

Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 1:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Austin Houston & Ensign Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz
Edited on on Sun Oct 12th, 2014 @ 2:09pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: concurrent


It could be said in many ways that Lianz could flirt by symantics; she could use words like a double edged sword, she had to pass her medical exqamination to take her duty station as Chief Nurse. That in itself could be called humorous; add to that she needed to be 'checked out' by the CMO also has dual meanings depending on the circle of people in that conversation.

Dressed in a Skirted uniform that is tailored to her, black tights and the regulation height boots she had the stride; naturally, of a model on a catwalk, she knew her center of balance and avoided 'too much hip' in her walk so to be professional. entering the Sickbay; her new home for the duration, she had memorized the short list of Medical Staff so picking out Dr. Houston dd not take much.

Moving up to him and handing the PADD with her orders. "Hello Doctor Houston; I am Teese'ah Lianz, I am here for you to check me out... for duty as your Chief Nurse?" She smiled without any of her heritage but a genuine warmth. "You can call me Tess, I like the sound of that better than how most pronounce my name. Or Nurse Lianz if you please?"

Austin turned when the doors opened, and nearly lost his cool when a sexy GOW sauntered in, his eyes traveled her from head to toe as he thought, no, not fully GOW, there's something else.. something about the eyes, intense eyes.. He watched her, a slight smile curving his lips as she walked right up to him. It took a moment for him to realize she'd spoken and was handing him something. He looked down at the PADD blankly for about five seconds, then his brain switched back on. Time for his booster shot for sure! He took the PADD then and thumbed it on, "I'm sorry, what? Oh, new nurse," he smiled back at her, "I look forward to having you under me," Gaa! his eyes bugged momentarily, definitely time for a booster!" I mean working under me! I mean WITH me!" Argh! He was going to rip his brain from his head and shove it out an air lock.. Luckily, for the most part only his words betrayed him, and a slight blush, but outwardly he mostly appeared calm. Mostly.

"Seems as I am the only other nurse besides the head nurse I will be ...number two under you if you like what you see... in the sevice record.?" Lianz looked at his eyes with the dark opals of her Betazoid heritage only; she had made sure to keep the 'Slave girl' in the bottle. "So should we get me checked out so I can be -of - service to you?" She moved without really waiting for a reply and nimbly hopped up on the Biobed while crossing her legs as she smiled a little; some might say other than from an Orion it was 'innocent.'

Pulling himself together and adopting his best bedside manner, Austin nodded, "Of course, give me just a moment please?" He took his time choosing a tricorder, back to her as he berated himself for reacting like a teenaged boy with raging hormones. This was sickbay, damn it, not a dating service! Having delivered that mental kick in the pants to himself, he walked back to Lianz with a detached professional smile plastered on his face, "Let's just have a quick look-see here." He turned on the tricorder and started scanning her. His brow furrowed slightly at the readings, then he remembered that he hadn't even looked at her medical records. He gave her a quick smile and picked the PADD back up and thumbed through it quickly, ah, that explains it, he thought, then immediately paled. Betazoid! That explained the eyes too. And it also meant that she probably knew every single one of his thoughts and fantasies since the moment she walked in. Damn it! "Heh," he muttered, mostly to himself as he picked the tricorder back up. "Well, you seem shape.. I mean, you seem to be in good shape here. I look forward to working with you," That was true, and he quickly tramped down any other thoughts that were bombarding his brain, "Uh, any questions?"

Lianz did not want to pry and it was good that she kept her Betazoid heritage within the telepathic laws; the aura that the Doctor gave off was a mix of emotions; the images of purple for the regal and reds for the passions mixed with the blue hues and it all showed a very interesting and distinctive pattern unique to him alone. She felt he was a man who cared for those around him; had very normal sexual desires by the hues that flared when he looked at her, and that meant he had a heart beat. She knows she is Orion and that effect comes with the territory; yet, she also could hear the ambiant projections of that 'inner voice' most people have and do not realize they use.

He was doing his best to be professional; that said a lot compared to some men Lianz had to work with in the past.

"I was quite thorough in getting my 'fixes' while on Risa and with steady meditations should not give you any ... undue Orion effects without needing a booster." She kept the light from catching her eye in a way only Orions can while smiling that almost innocent; the best she could get with her Orion heritage, she winked. "Good to be checked out and ready to serve under a fine Doctor as yourself." She offered a handshake. "Please call me Tess, and the only question is do I call you... what do you prefer?"

Austin groaned inwardly, figuring that, yup, she'd been privy to at least some of his thoughts. He'd have to watch it. "Since you're not the only female Orion this ship has seen, we'll have to keep up with the fixes. The crewmen could get overwhelmed easily," he smiled, thinking that he'd gladly be overwhelmed, then he slammed shut that line of thinking! "Oh, you can call me Austin, my dear. Or doctor in an emergency," he clasped her hand in both of his, "I'm so glad to meet you, I think we should work together rather well." His smile was friendly, not his usual flirtatious grin. He had a feeling she'd have this small sickbay running like clockwork in no time.

Lianz grinned at the way 'her' new Chief Doctor acted; he was at least trying very hard to look past her obvious 'heritages' so a little look or 'glance' her way would not mean anything. "I did not know there was another Orion, what is her name?" Lianz asked.

Not wanting to get into how the other GOW had clashed with some of the crew members, Austin sidestepped a little. "Oh, it's ok. She left the ship not long ago. There were... issues. But I'm sure they won't effect you," another smile, "At the moment the only other Orion is male, so we shouldn't have a pheromone build up issue," he chuckled.

"THERE IS A MALE..." Lianz could not control the start or volume of her reply as she slid off the Biobed. "WE have a male Orion on this ship?" She asked with an uneasy look in her eyes. "I-I thought ..." She looked at the Doctor. "Sorry; I-I have never heard of an Orion Male on a starship, I did not notice his name on the manifest..."

Austin was instantly concerned, "Yeah, there is a male. LeGant." He tilted his head, "Are you going to be ok with that?" Somehow, he thought, no matter how she answered, she was not going to be happy about it.

"He is security isn't he, this Legant, not a usual Orion name." Lianz said without thinking. "Always enforcers..." She glanced up to the Doctor. "How was he around the other Orion Female?" She asked. "I-I have had bad experiences with Orion males; I never heard of one serving in Starfleet, always women, that is how we are taught?" Lianz shook her head slightly.

Austin nodded at the question of him being in security, then answered the rest while keeping a concerned eye on her, "I don't think their service overlapped, so I don't know how they interacted. LeGant is new too, in fact I just did his boarding physical not that long ago. Are you.." he hesitated, he didn't want to ask her deeply personal questions in the middle of sickbay where anyone could overhear, "going to be ok with this? Do you want to talk about it? We could move into my office.." he wondered to himself how soon the new counselor would be arriving.

"N-no, I will be okay." She tried to cover. "I just have not seen a Orion male in a long time and..." She had to think. "Am not attracted to them so I usually pay them no mind." It was a quick cover. "I do hope you will understand in my culture they are not the most kind of men; they see us as breeding stock and what price will we fetch?" She nod. "I-I just have to get used to the idea..." She looked at the doc and let the light cather her eyes as only Orions do. "But I know you can forgive a girl for having a bad experience with men in her past... right." She kept it only enough to change the subject away from fears she did not want to discuss.

Austin didn't buy the cover, but he did buy her decision not to talk to him about it. He would make a note to the new counselor to perhaps have a chat with her at some time in the near future. He nodded anyway, "Of course, my dear.

So do I check out to your satisfaction Doctor?" She gave a little twinkle that Orions can in the eyes. "I looking forward to playing Nurse?"

Laughing, Austin nodded, "Yes, my dear, you checked out very well. I look forward to playing doctor with you," he winked as if to say, just teasing, mostly! This was going to be a rollercoaster, he just had a feeling. Good thing he liked rollercoasters.

"I have been cleared by the counselor already." Lianz informed. "I would ask where you want me to start?" She tapped her temple. "I think I should familiarize myself with the Sickbay to better 'Work under your lead?" She sauntered off as it was her job to keep this place ready for the Doctor, she would not let him down.



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