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Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 6:59am by Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 7:07am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Telaio Quarters
Timeline: Current


The bed was not as warm with one person out of bed; that is what happens to Orion Males who decide they had what they wished from a woman; LeGant had achieved intimacy with Lianna sooner than he had hoped; this meant his desired actions were in motion. He was in the main room sitting Lotus style in the floor with a pair of shorts on. His mind seemed deep in a meditative state.

Yawning Lia got up and headed out to find Aeron feeling him close. Moving towards him on the floor she smiled "I missed you in bed."

"I did not wish to wake you my Love." The expression was far from stoic; it had a softness in the neutrality of it, a slight smirk on his face as he looked upon her. "I had something to get out of my head, when one is blessed it is appropriate to acknowledge. Fate has been kind and if I do not make sure my gratitude I fear it will not be granted in my favor again soon." He offered a hand to bring her close should she want? "I was going to come back after meditations and Prayer, Mama and papa were very strict about this; I keep the tradition."

Taking his hand she sat on his lap and snuggled "Mmm ... its a nice tradition."

LeGant kissed her deeply, showing more than 'stoic' in the kiss and allowing some of the latent and hidden emotions to flow to her; he wanted her to know she had the rights to his emotions and only she would be able to feel what he had for her. The kiss was a way he could express his feelings without having to show the universe; even Vulcans showed emotions to their loved ones, LeGant was a protector and had to keep a level head... except around Lianna.

"Good morning my Love." He gave a smirk which is as much as his facial muscles could handle; inwardly he allowed the glow of her be noted; she had a pleasing aura to him that warmed his heartless heart.

"Morning." She smiled at him resting a hand gently on his face "I ... I'm really glad you're here."

"Nowhere else I wish to be." He told her and gently kissed her, after the kiss he smirked with bordering upon the beginning of a smile.

Snuggling close she smiled matching his look "Good ... I'm not letting you go this time without a fight."

"Never to worry, I am Security... let them try to take me away." He kissed along her neck. "Especially if they try to take you away... I might get mad and we both know that does not end well."

Lia purred softly enjoying the soft touches and kisses. "Yeah I don't think that one asshole will ever forget you." One guy had gotten a little 'handsy' and Aeron had taken him out.

"Well I believe you to be a 'hands-off my girl' type thing ... and I was young and impulsive." He was getting sly recall of the events. "I might only break one hand this time... I have mellowed with the fact I have you forever this time.

She chuckled "Not too much I hope ... Ive been reliably informed Im jeopardy friendly." she teased him gently

"I am mellow; not lax in my chosen obligations, or the fact you are in my heart and under my protection." He assured. "Since you are both you being Jeopardy friendly does not give you permission to get yourself hurt; I can protect you from everyone but yourself..." He chuckled.

Grinning she teased "You'll just have to give me incentives not to get into trouble."

Touching the vertibre and outward caused a certain reaction; the blood flow was better; what humans call 'goosebumps' along the path of his touch. It was a prelude to the pleasures he knew; the 212 erotic places on a humanoid female and she only felt 8 thus far, he could delve into more.

"I have more of those but you have to be healthy enough to enjoy them." He said softly.

Shivering she tried to catch her breath "I ... can work with that."

"What time do you have duty?" He had thoughts he knew she would pick up on. "I have one or two more I can show you if you have the time?"

Swallowing she nodded "I don't have to be at work til the start of Alpha ... same as you ... We have time."

The nape of a woman's neck can heighten any touch along her body if done right; LeGant was well versed in the timing to give pleasure while his fingers caress. "One more.. He kissed at the base of her neck and shoulder. "Both..." Went to the other side to do the same. "Then another just for good measure."

He had hoped she would soon swoon, it was the height of pleasure he sought to give her; nothing less was to be accepted. She had loved him and he wanted her to know he loved her as well.

Purring with pleasure she went limp in his arms shivering as lines of electric feelings shot up and down her body.

LeGant carried her to the bed chamber.


LeGant was 'tangled' in a way; intertwined is another fun word, with Lianna. They had explored the different places he could touch and ways to share a depth both mentally as well as the physical. Making love to a telepath was like nothing he knew; it at least doubled the feelings he had for her and gave him a peace he did not often have. It surprised him how he felt; he loved her, now the deep affection he had is what threw him; he really would not live well away from her like he was drawn to her by an unseen connection that he did not have to understand to appreciate. He kissed the top of her sleeping head again, no reason other than it felt good to him.

Lia purred and moved in closer to his body still mostly asleep and enjoying the closeness between them. Aeron had been it for her from the moment she had met him and she was glad the two of them were able to have all this time together to reconnect. In a way being apart had brought them that much closer together.

~Can never leave her again...~ his thoughts float without him knowing and the sensation he would hurt if he lost her could not be hidden when they are this close and touching.

Rolling over to face him Lia wrapped her arms round him and sent him soothing thoughts as she murmured "Not leaving you again .. not going anywhere."

She was the warmest and softest to the touch person he knew' in a universe where there were two types: hair and soft, she was the opposite of him, she is soft. It was a complement as it meant more than her physical being; LeGant was a hard person, some might say harsh at times, but around Lianna he had 'softer' moments. Holding her he could be content and soften his being just a little as a smirk; a small one, crossed his face in contentment breaking the default Stoic expression.

Opening one eye slightly Lia saw the smirk and reached up to touch his face "I love you Aeron ... always have always will."



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