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Suspicions and Paranoia

Posted on Thu Nov 21st, 2013 @ 10:17am by Lieutenant Antonio "Tony" Chavez & Lieutenant JG Jaxon Domi & Ensign Kate Moretti
Edited on on Sat Nov 23rd, 2013 @ 7:44pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Current/day 1 after Risa/lunchtime

Having been feeling uneasy, Jaxon entered the messhall and looked around, hopeful to find Kate. He saw her seated alone at a table, and after getting his tray from one of the main food replicators, went over to join her. Sliding his tray on the table, he sat down across from her and smiled. "Hi." he said enthusiastically, his eyes taking her in, "I've been wanting to talk to you."

"Oh you have huh?" Kate looked up from the sandwich that she was eating, "Missing me already?" she grinned at him.

Looking into her big brown doe-like eyes, Jaxon grinned back. "Yeah. It's been a few days and..." he felt his face warming, and chuckled. Blushing he looked to his plate, "No one else does this to me..." he said quietly, and still smiling, his eyes moved back up to hers. He seemed to study her as he added, "Why is that?"

"Maybe it's my sparkling personality?" Kate joked, her eyes meeting his and causing her to stop as she saw the emotion reflected back at her. The way he looked at her filled her with warmth unlike anything anyone else had ever made her feel.

"Yeah," he said and his smile forming to a mischievous one, "among many other things."

Kate giggled and added " seem to like my other things a lot." she flashed him a saucy wink before saying "Now what was it you really wanted to talk to me about?"

He flashed her another smile, and blushing again, started playing with his food. "I was wondering how things are going with Jaz?" he asked, his eyes going back up to her, and one eyebrow lifted, "Is she still mad at us?"

"I'm taking the fact that she isn't speaking to me as a yes." Kate replied to him with a wry smile, "I tried to apologise but I just had the door closed in my face."

Jaxon exhaled, thinking oh boy.. just as someone was suddenly there. Placing his tray down onto the table surface, Antonio glanced between the two of them as he slid into the seat next to Kate.

"Hi." Kate smiled at Antonio before asking "How are you doing?" It was a small ship and word got around so she was well aware of the basics of what had been happening with the man. She shot Jaxon a look that said 'Talk about the wrong time to interrupt' but remained silent.

"I'm fine," Antonio gave her a smile back, and then looked over at Jaxon, "So how about the two of you? Everything okay?"

Jaxon's brows furrowed, "Everything's fine.." and he couldn't help but wonder, as this wasn't typical Antonio, "What's going on?" His eyes going over to Kate as he asked.

"We're good." Kate smiled at Antonio before shooting Jaxon a 'why are you asking that?' look.

Jaxon caught her look, and swallowed as he looked back to the security officer sitting across from him. Something didn't feel right. All morning long he had felt as if security personnel were staring at him...and now here was Antonio, who normally sat alone at a corner table when he ate in the messhall...the man was just private that way.

"Jaz is talking." Antonio said, his eyes glancing aside as he took another bite of his meal.

Jaxon did a quick turn around to see a couple other security personnel, staring back at him before continuing their conversation. Jaxon turned back, paling, and leaned his elbows on the table as he ran his hands down his face.

"Well this is fun." Kate said sarcastically as she looked from Jaxon's pale face to Antonio and then asked "And just what have you heard that Jaz has been talking about?"

Antonio casually took a drink of his milk before replying, "That she's out for to speak. That the two of you did something to her, and she wants Jax here to pay for it..." he looked puzzled, "In the traditional sense, whatever that is."

"Right that does it." Kate virtually growled, "This has gone too far, it was a mistake."

Jaxon quickly placed his hand on Kate's. "No, it's...okay." he said, although he still looked worried, "I'll take my lumps. Whatever they have in mind, they will be clever, it won't break any rules."

Antonio gave him a hard stare, "You're sure?"

"Yeah," Jaxon nodded, "I'm sure."

"If she does anything I swear I'm going to the Captain or the XO about it." Kate grumbled unhappily.

Having been looking between the two, Antonio leaned a bit towards Jaxon as he rose out of his seat, "Watch your back."

His eyes following, Jaxon nodded "Yeah...thank you." and looked grim as Antonio walked away.

Kate slumped back in her chair, her eyes full of anger as she stewed over what she had just heard.

Shifting in his seat, Jaxon leaned with one arm on the table as he grabbed his fork and started eating.

"And the day started out so well too." Kate sighed as she too began to eat, clearly disgruntled.

His eyes going over to her, Jaxon frowned. All he could do now was wait for whatever the others felt he had coming to him.


Ensign Kate Moretti
Operations Officer/Gamma
USS Armstrong

Lieutenant JG Jaxon Domi
Engineering Officer/Sensor Specialist
USS Armstrong

Lieutenant Antonio Chavez
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