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Dancing Cheek to cheek... of sorts.

Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 3:52am by Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 6:47am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Lianna's quarters
Timeline: Current/evening before arriving to Risa


Lia rested her head tiredly on her table not really registering the door beeping other than to call out come in.

LeGant had what he considered a small satchel the size of a work out bag, he saw Lianna with her head down, placing the satchel on the table he, without really asking, began to knead the shoulders a little moving to the back a bit.

"Are you being a good Science Chief and skipping out on eating?" He whispered. "Or are you being a naughty girl and skipping out on meals totally?"

"Is there a safe answer to that one?" Unfortunately he had seen some of her bad habits in action including skipping meals "I thinkI ate breakfast ... Today? or Yesterday?" She couldn't quite remember but thought the last meal had been with him. "There was a minor disaster in Science."

"I hope you are not going to tell me I have to take care of that?" He teasingly warned. "Am I going to have to make sure you eat?" He worked her shoulders.

Groaning softly in pleasure she laughed "Nope ... disaster solved ... repentant scientist grounded ... and food sounds ... good actually. If I had the energy to get to the replicator." She smiled at him from behind her bangs where her head rested on her arms.

"Depends on if you like simple pot roast and potatoes in the broth with onions and carrots with a light red wine to complement the pallet in a carafe?" He said with a grin patting the satchel . "I was coming to ask you if you wanted a little dinner?"

Lifting her head up she grinned back "You're a life saver Aeron ..." Turning her head she kissed his hand where it rested on her shoulder.

"I will get it ready." He said as he moved to the satchel and brought out a sizable ceramic pot that has all the ingredients in it; the smell of hot food well spiced with the soup like broth that with the condensation on the lid to hint at how soft the meat had become. He placed it on the table before reaching in and bringing the small bit of wine.

"Where are the plates... tell me I am not having to replicate?" He half teased.

Chuckling she pointed to the right shelf while getting them both glasses and juice to drink. "Still like cranberry and mango mixed?"

"Yes." he agreed while putting the wine back in the satchel, he had not meant anything but to enhance the taste of the food but he also had not had that mix in a long time, it was kind of an acquired taste that was soured if by another person drinking it with him.

"I thought maybe we could have the wine after dinner?" She was a little hesitant that he might be unhappy.

"After dinner drink?" He tilt his head. "This is your dinner, all I am here for is the company; I remember you get engrossed and forget to take care of yourself." He nod as he remembered how just a day of hiking she would find the dirt and dust. "I played a hunch you might have forgotten to eat?"

"You know me too well on that one." She smiled and touched his hand gently. "I want to spend time with you."

He took her hand in his, interlocking the fingers. "There is all the time you wish." He leaned and kissed her softly for a moment. "Now if you do not eat you might fall asleep on me and I do not want to hover over your bio-bed as they pump vitamins and such into you." He caress her cheek. "Dinner is best served warm." He then moved to her chair and offered to seat her.

Smiling and blushing at the tingling his kiss caused she let him help her into her seat and waited for him to sit before starting to eat. Letting out a soft sound of pleasure at the first bite she groaned softly "This is amazing Aeron."

"Thank you, Mama never really liked replicators." He shrug. "Guess I got used to real cooked food so I hung around and learned a little." he was glad he had the meat so juicy that if separated easily enough even with a butter knife. "You would think that chemists are the second best cooks but I learned that is not the case, cooking is not by strict dwell times.. it varies and all. Momma taught me to pay attention to the food and let it tell you when it is ready?"

Nodding she admitted "Cooking I have never really got good at ... not patient enough." The last time she tried a cake she set of the fire alarm for three blocks.

"You know if a chemical experiment is by the smell as if the bunson burner is too high, or how long it takes to have a time lapse experiment finish with the best results?" He raised an eyebrow slightly. "If you can do that I could teach you a few baking tricks that would allow you to do things WHILE it is baking?"

She perked up "You think so?"

"With your love of dust and attracting dirt you know flour is not all that different and is used in baking; getting a little dusty for the perfect sweet might suit you?" He look into her eyes. "Besides it takes more caring to share a kitchen that a bed." He almost chuckled.

Giggling she teased "You get to promise chef I wont set his domain on fire."

"If you are a good girl and listen there will be no fires." LeGant said with a softer stoic expression. "But this meal was made without even liting a match or warming an oven Lovely One." He gave the slight hint of a smirk. "Compact cooking utensils."

She smiled at his smirk and teased "Do I have to be good? What if I'm bad?"

"Case by case basis." LeGant replied as he looked at her. "But being bad does have advantages in other ways than cooking." He pointed out. "But if you are bad you might have to deal with a side of me you have missed?"

"Might be worth it." She was letting him know she would be interested in having that side of him out.

"I can assure more 'lessons in that side of me" He said calmly. "Also there is this side you did not get to know..." He hesitated. "No one really got to know." He told her almost as though it might be too much to put on her right now?

She gave him a curious look.

"I do not cook that much; it is a sign of domestication." He said candidly with a stoic expression. "It is expected of an Orion to be tough; to want passions of a wild depth like the female counter parts..." He took her hand. "You know better , you see that side Mama and Papa worked to bring out while I was raised in France on Earth. Not many are aware I can even cook, or that I can touch softly places to add pleasure to a woman." He looked at her. "You are the softest person I have met; you even allow a hard person like me to ... have soft moments."

Standing up she moved into his lap and wrapped her arms around him. "I love you Aeron ... more than I could have imagined." She nuzzled his cheek before kissing him.

LeGant returned the affections as he put his arms around her as well; this time he brought her as close as he could, this time she was not going to be lost; he was not letting go. Five years is a lot of nights; many days and too much time to have lost it from his foolish pride. He returned te kiss with his own twist, running his hands over her back fondly, this is where he wanted them to be, and no one better interphere or the wraith of one Orion from the woman he loves.

Moving in as close as she could in his arms Lia snuggled in close letting her kisses move across his cheek to his ear and neck where she nipped gently.

"How much I realized I love you did scare me at first." He said to her. "The fact I could fall so quickly was what scared me."

Nodding she whispered "Me too."

"You realize that I am not going to let you go again?" He held her tightly just to show his intentions for a few seconds. "I hope you accept this as I would really more enjoy proving my resolve to care for you rather than my intentions?"

"I've only been yours since we first met." She helda hand to one of his cheeks as she pulled him into a deeper kiss.

LeGant added to the kiss as his hands moved more under her tunic; Betazoids prefer skin contact; he used his fingers and allowed his mind not to be closed; she heeded to know in himself he would not leave her again. The wanted to remove that slight hindrance to her knowing his true intent; he ran his fingers over her back in a way to give her that assurance.

The exterior expression remained the same yet where she sensed his soul he actually smiled.

Smiling she let her hands wander as she sent him feelings of love and her contentment and safety in his arms.

"This time I promise to keep you very close." He told her as he started to remove the tunic, afterall, Betazoids love direct skin contact.

Helping him take her tunic off she tugged at his gently.

It did not take long for there to be nothing hindering the full connection through touch as his own shirt was discarded, looking into the bright opals of her eyes he cold see a depth to them, a sparkle as light refract in them and it seemed to make her more soft to the touch. He wanted her for a long time; his pent up desire would be quenched in a slow and intimate fashion as he had waited and hoped for this moment; there was a desire to enjoy it to the fullest as he would show her the six zones he had used before and depending on how much she purred might throw in a few more just to let her be in bliss for a bit.

In the universe there is nothing as warm and soft as a woman satisfied.

Kissing him she made a decision, standing up and taking his hand to walk him towards her bed. "Stay with me?"

"As long as you wish me to." He said with an honest smirk.

Smirking back she said "How does forever sound?"

LeGant stopped and moved to pick her up in his arms and carry her into the bedroom like a precious person whom he would cater to her desires and never leave her, he had a 'snap shot' glances into her quarters and could move it in teh dark if needed; once he saw it and noted arrangements he could navigate it. This allowed him to never look away from her as he walk.

"Too short." He said with that smirk and a tone that could be accepted as not joking.

Wrapping her arms around him she smirked back "I'm willing to hear a counter offer."

"Now and forever." LeGant gently lay her on the bed. "I offer you now and forever."

"Sounds perfect." She pulled him down onto the bed.


After an intimate time together LeGant was not yet asleep as he held Lianna; slowly tracing soft circles on her back and shoulders to lull her to sleep; he could not believe that Fate had been kind enough to keep her feelings for him alive. He had to admit he could not have arranged it better were he to plan it. It was a good thought; he wanted to not go to sleep in the event this is some delusion and he wakes alone.

Actually he knew full well he was here and she wanted him here, that thought alone; as she lay on him chest asleep with her long breaths of slumber he was finding it hard to stay awake as well. She had an angelic face when sleeping, he played with the hair; moving a little from her face so he could gaze upon her once more. He smiled for a time as he was fortunate and then the smile faded as he went to sleep.

Some say the most beautiful flowers grow in the desert unnoticed, thus were the smiles from LeGant, never really for public view.



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