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Work On The Go

Posted on Tue Oct 8th, 2013 @ 7:15am by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Tue Oct 8th, 2013 @ 7:45am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Current


LeGant had a disruptor in hand while he wait. While his duty station called for the phaser he still could not get away from his roots; even Papa had kept a disruptor from the known Orion arsenal for LeGant to keep his classifications high, it was a way to bridge his Orion and human heritages.

The Phaser range was similar to a skeet shooting range in a one hundred eighty degree range of fire where shapes appear and the rate in which one destroys the targets is the scoring. That is what most do for their qualifications. Not this time though; he had another setting that was a holographic simulation of a target range with the option of a 'pop-up' style target range.

He would wait for the Boss before choosing what range he would use today?

Sarah came around a corner wearing workout gear and carrying a small bag. This was going to be her first chance to stretch her legs so to speak, her first days being locked into meetings and reviews. While she normally appreciated the importance of proper planning that could be done at meetings, there was a point wherein one needed a break. She noted he wore his disruptor it was one of the weapons on board she and the CO had approved. A few others had swords, herself included, and a few others cultural or familial weapon like items. And as was typical there was an approval process. As she drew near, she spoke in her normal gentle, British tones. "I hope you don't mind holding our threat assessment discussion on a range, I find I have a desire to move."

"Having more than chit-chat on the range?" LeGant thought about a slight grin but the urge was not followed. "I always say the range is better than a conference room for planning.' He holstered the weapon. "I was thinking of a moving combat range so to get some more fun out of this?"

Sarah nodded, "Sounds grand, set it up and we'll get started."
As he set the program she checked her gear a few type 2 phasers and a phaser rifle. As she had been unsure what she'd likely need when on site.

"If you want to use a rifle range it is not as 'challenging' as the pistol and hand to hand range; it is said the more professional you are the closer you get to your target." LeGant suggested. "Having the targets come out and attack adds to the experience. I prefer the 'realism' of that program." He turned to Sarah with his stoic expression.

Sarah nodded once, "Suits me, we're having distance shot training in a few days at any rate." Distance shot training was advanced training in the use of phaser rifles but was a step below sniper training which was even more specialized. She prepped her weapons of choice as LeGrant set up the training scene.

LeGant set the controls for level four of ten, the enemy would come out and be a little less 'stealthy' and give some warning. The old days at a combat range one listened for the motor that moved a cardboard target into view, this scenario would use footsteps of shuffling to the same advantage.

"Thirty targets to begin in the course." He said with little inflection. "Allow us to converse without too many distractions." He suggested. "I also think we should have every one to at least level Five as we are going into the unknown and usually that is more hostile than friendly?"

Sarah agreed, "Standard layout to behind, I find program Alpha Four Star One to be suitable for a light work out, with minor modification." She pulled out a belt rig from the bag that would let her carry two type 2 phasers. She glanced at him, he was hard to read. Sarah had a knack and sensed there were depths to her new Deputy but he played them quiet, much like a Vulcan.

"Fair enough." He set the final choices while holstering the disruptor to get a type one phaser from inside his jacket. "Since we want to do the double rig type combat..." He slightly hinted at a raised eyebrow. "Time to start easy and build."

She caught his look and shrugged, "There's an Earth saying: Belt and suspenders kind of person. It means always carry a spare, might find a friend in need, lose power in one or need to blow one up to cover an escape. One never knows.." She said with a hint of a smile, a quiet humor in her eyes. She tapped the door and they entered the combat area.

The site for this operation was; of course, urban and the danger came from alleyways and windows. A simple walk down the street would spark actions from the computer. LeGant preferred the right side of the street but he was not the leader so he alllowed Sarah to take the lead and choose her side.

Sarah glanced around. The odds they would fight in this exact environment were low but the odds they would have many targets with entirely too many jump points? Oddly enough more likely than one would think. She pulled a weapon and started walking down the left side of the street as she was left handed and it was simply easier. Legrant walked next to her. A Target popped out on her side, a Romulan with a disruptor. Only in this program it wasn't merely a target, a live seeming Romulan popped up to try to shoot them. Using peripheral vision, Sarah shot him. "We need to look at the reports of the pirate attacks, eyewitness accounts, any intel..." She dodged a Klingon with a Bath'leth who popped out of a doorway nearby, and shot him. As they moved in, targets would get faster and more plentiful, but held fire when a little girl ran across the street.

The flow was constant; Sarah was a 'South paw' and he swept the right side, the first target was a rather menacing human with a rifle, easy mark as the weapon would take a full second and half to act. The type one phaser easily dropped him. Legant had done this sort of thing with his papa the street cop, the real thing in a couple of cases.

"Find the common demoninator in relation to how they seem to be connected?" LeGant knew when the first Klingon came another was in the works. He side stepped the bat'Leth; few appreciate how close a Bat'leth wielder must be as they are intimidating, LeGant punched with Full Orion force as he heard the grunt and felt the breaking cheek bone before the head snapped aside. Pirate are not the unskilled lot most see them, they have their own network as well and we are going in blind..."

The child moved quickly out of the way after hesitating.

Sarah moved like water given form. The definition of grace in motion as she spun and shot. Her mind quickly processing targets from non-combatants and acting accordingly. "We need tactics, technology, intel on their leadership....". Her words were unhurried but concise as they moved through the training zone.

"What we need is to get some sort of feel for their intel network." The type one swept as an upper window had a woman with a rifle; identified as a threat in his mind LeGant did not hesitate to fire; she screamed and fell from the window.

Sarah continued to move and fire, move and fire. "For that we need to send out information requests but lets play it quiet I don't want to rattle their cage just yet...." By that she meant not make it so obvious what they were doing that they drew the attention of the pirates.

The targets were coming more aggressively, three rapid targets coming out to attack. Dropping them before they reached Sarah was a chore and LeGant determined she need not worry as he had her back."Knowledge is power and right now they have both; as Papa would say we are behind the Eight Ball and the game is just beginning."

Sarah fired four times in rapid succession taking out her targets and held fire on a few others as they approached the end of this small scene. At this point all the targets reset and became active. More then a dozen popped out. Sarah and Legrant dove for cover quickly returning fire. They worked well together taking out their targets. When they were done and the dust settling Sarah continued, "Lets put out our feelers, quietly and come back to this in a few days. I want to lessen the learning curve as quickly as possible." She said looking to make sure there were no more targets.

"Local hang outs are good place to start." One target was in a window; but not for long as LeGant dropped him. "An Orion floating about would not cause much attention, maybe a humanoid 'squeeze' to make it look good?" Another couple came out of an alley. "Left..." LeGant drew his disruptor and shot the right side attacker giving Sarah a chance to 'team up' on this targets while LeGant is fast, he is not a flash.

Sarah moved and fire then her unconscious mind caught up with her. She was intrigued by the idea, "Lets put out our feelers first but that may not be a bad idea to keep in the quiver..." So said a fan of the bow as they wrapped up the last of the 'enemies'.

"You sound the type that would appreciate a good recurve?" He had been keeping a mental count of the 'bodies' and they were progressing well. "Maybe even with Eagle feather flights?" He never broke his default expression but the tone of his voice had more inflection than normal.

She almost stopped in surprise but kept moving as they finished the area, though her glance had, briefly, an almost childlike grin, "I prefer goose feathers for fletching, you know The Bow?" She verbally capitalized the last two words as benefited someone from the culture of the inventors of the Long Bow.

"I dabble as a fletcher upon occasion." He replied while returning the glance. "Long Bow type you are, you like a hearty six foot Long Bo or the five that is favored by women archers?" He asked humbly and even a less stoic face.

Sarah secured her weapons and turned to him with a smile of pure enjoyment, "Well depends on my need, if I'm looking for a long term weapon, fast redraw and lets me keep my agility in movement..." Aka if she wanted to climb a tree and shoot fast or not. "Or just stopping power. Overall I get along better with the 5 foot but its a point of pride to do well with the Long Bow as well. Do you old school or cheat?" aka did he use real materials in the Earth Medieval style or modern composites. Was not adverse to either but only when she really had to did she use the modern composites.

"Both actually." LeGant said. "Wood is hard to come by so I replicate it and work that." He thought of smiling with pride but never got past his stoic expression. "I am not one for composites and do not have ability to really get wood when the whim is upon me. I have some woods from varied planets that I use but those I either give to friends or sell as a novelty."

As they walked out into the corridor Sarah grinned broadly, her usual reserve less pronounced as she wondered if she should show him her own British Oaken Longbow, "Mr. Legrant, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." She said quoting from one of her favorite old earth movies.


Lt. Commander Sarah Thatcher
USS Armstrong

LT Aeron LeGant
Deputy Sec/ Tac
USS Armstrong


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By Captain Carter Hall on Tue Oct 8th, 2013 @ 3:58pm

Great post guys, great stuff. I love how they talked as they went along. :D