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Asking the Hard Questions

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2013 @ 1:37am by Captain Carter Hall & Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 2:04pm

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Captain's Ready Room.
Timeline: Morning/ Day before arrival to Risa


LeGant had the Padd in hand; most might not like the idea of asking a Captain about such delicate matters; LeGant was not one to leave things unresolved, he walked in his casual style that resembled a measured stride to the Captain's ready room. He had taken it over and over in his mind how he would approach this.

He pressed the chime.

Carter sat before the console screen on his desk, slowly bringing a cup of very warm coffee to his lips when the chime to his Readyroom door went off. His eyes remaining on the screen, he said loudly, "Come in!" before taking a swallow.

Once he entered and the door were shut LeGant looked to the Commanding Officer. "Thank you for seeing me sir." Nothing in his expressions gave away his intensions. "I will only require a short time as there are some observations and data I would like to have cleared up. It has to do with the command crew... Sir." He gave the PADD to Carter with all the accumulated data.

Carter's brows slightly furrowed as he accepted the PADD, and he then leaned back in his seat, his expression becoming hard as he looked it over. He looked up to the Orion, his purple eyes giving him a piercing gaze, "I fail to see what 'needs to be cleared up, Lieutenant." He held the PADD back out to him.

"Permission to speak candidly Sir?" Le Gant asked

"Permission granted."

"There were codes used here above the security chief." LeGant said in his expressionless tone. "I have noticed a certain ... tensions between you and our Executive Officer, there seemed to be no logical reason as she is a competent officer and recommended by Fleet H-Q." LeGant returned the gaze without hinting as to what he felt; he did not back away nor did he take any real aggresive actions. "Why did the previous Ex-Oh' leave the ship really sir?" He asked like firing a gunshot challenge. "You are like the parents and tensions in any family trickle down and cause unseen problems Sir. IF this is a residual effect then it should be dealt with accordingly."

Carter's stare became harder as LeGant spoke. He felt a flush against his cheek at the mention of his previous Ex-oh. "First, Lieutenant, as I am the Captain, there are codes I may use from time to time above the Security Chief. That is just the way it is. If you feel at any time they are a concern in regards to the security of this ship, then bring them to your department head's attention. Second...why the previous EX-Oh left this ship is on record as she would have it. Challenging me...inquiring for more information as to what's on record is an invasion to her privacy."

"You are openly bias to the Executive Officer, it is noticed in the meeting and by the crew. I am trying to figure out why there is discord in our Command Staff; the codes were done without the knowledge of the Security Chief and do you really want me to bring it to her attention?" LeGant asked. "I am speaking candidly and I came to you first." He admit. "This can stop here if we talk this out and no one need know what kind of a relationship you had with the former XO or how that might be affecting the cohesion of you and the new Ex-oh? I think she deserves better than what cards she seems to be dealt."

Carter blinked, "Are you implying if we don't talk this out, that you'll take further steps in this matter? Now answer carefully, Lieutenant. Like I mentioned before, I requested your assignment to this crew. I have a specific reason for this...but I can easily change my mind."

"That is between the two of you." LeGant said. "I am one to pass along information for consideration. If there is a reason for her departure that is affecting the smooth relations with the new Executive Officer?" He continued. "I am just concerned on how the tensions that I have noticed between you will affect the operations of the ship?" He nod. "I am only bringing up concerns; that is my job Captain."

"Then your concerns are duly noted." Carter said reasonably, sounding calmer but there was something in his eyes that signaled he was no less 'unhappy'. "I have something I would like to point out to've been a part of this crew for two days, and within that time you've found not only reason to doubt my abilities to do what's best for this crew, but to solve my own problems. So my question is," Carter's eyes narrowed, "where does that leave us?"

"The mystery is solved from my end." LeGant said calmly. "The ship is a family and you the father of that family, no one likes to see the parents not getting along." He explained. "Sometimes a third person vantage helps, I have no doubt you can command this ship better than anyone."

Breathing in deeply, Carter angled his head, not sure if he believed the security officer or not. "This conversation will not take place again. Is that understood?"

"The mystery is solved." LeGant said again. "I know the Code of Confidentiality with the Captain, I am an expert at secrets and I always go to the source first, in this case it was you. I will not bring it up again. It was meant to give you information only; it will not rise again as you are aware."

Carter nodded, continuing to stare up at him. "Dismissed, Lieutenant."

LeGant need not reply; it would be a waste of words as the points are made and understood, he turned and left the ready room. The Bridge crew would have no clue as to what transpired and he was the same as when he entered. Nothing happened other than he left a PADD for the captain, something normal to happen.

As the doors to his ready room closed, Carter rose from his seat to walk around his desk and lean on it's edge, where he then picked up that PADD and started reading it over. Several moments went by before he tossed it back down, and then pinching between his eyes as he looked downwards, to suddenly looking upwards, he said out loud to no deity in particular, "And to think this day is only just beginning."


Captain Carter Hall
USS Armstrong

Lt JG Aeron LeGant
Deputy Chief of Security
USS Armstrong


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