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There Has to be a Trail Leading...

Posted on Wed Aug 21st, 2013 @ 3:47pm by Lieutenant Aeron LeGant
Edited on on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 5:48am

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: Second night out from ST Tiberius


LeGant sat at the console looking at the computer security logs; several filters to narrow the search, and the data all seemed to check out normal for an unusual situation. He sat back in his chair; luck would have it he observes the 'Gamma Shift for the new Shift Leader. This gave LeGant some time on his hands; he had suspicions that were unfounded other than in a type of Nature's Paradox. The Command Chain should be a united front or is does have a trickle down effect.

The only reason logically why the XO and Commanding Officer were not getting along has to be emotionally linked. A run of the backgrounds show no connection between the two officers prior to this command. So if one discounts the XO having any real reason not to have an even footing; the fact Command had assigned her and the captain really did not seem to put up any fuss considering? Her facial expressions were one that received the frustrations rather than the tendency for females to dish out the cold tensions.

There had to be a reason for the captain to have apprehensions; LeGant had made some inquires with his connections at; well places he does not brag having been, and there was no real dirt on the Executive Officer. She was coming in here with her contradictions but nothing of malice. She seemed to be accepting a promotion and assignment; no reason to 'rock the boat' so early.

That left the Captain being the hard one in this; there had to be reasons why he would not accept the XO and still not have another requested by official channels? The scan through communications did not have any abnormal requests sent on the unsecured channels; the secure ones were not yet able to be accessed at his level. He went through the security reports highlighting 'Commanding Officer Incident and attention.' He had this program running for some time now and the 'paradox' expanded with the search. Something interesting came up by accident in the way the inquiry was phrased?

There were some deleted logs, incidents and location locks removed. Connecting through interior scans there were transports site to site registered in the power distribution network; so the transporter was powered but no location in the system registered. That meant a comm badge was not involved as well. This sparked a type of inner ship communications scan for sender and receiver in the filter. He had the Command acknowledgement sign highlighted, each public call through the system had a registry through the computer.

Then he caught it; the door system has logs as well, the certain times where there were deleted logs; what LeGant could do is check the command level that erased the logs from the system. It was a command lock with filter; above the level of Security Chief; two signatures actually and that was all he needed.

"Computer, cross reference the times of computer deleting of movement logs with interior automatic registry of life signs." It was an old trick. "Time stamp and confirm it the Captain and Executive Officer were in their respective cabins at time of deletion?"

[Confirm that executive officer was registered in her cabin at times of data deletes; command officer varied between his Ready Room and cabin during those times. ]

"Give me signal intensity of comm badge at times; down the three decimal points?" There was a not well known fact that any communications signal is fractionally more powerful while worn; the humanoid body acts like an antenna and boosts the signal minutely. If the badges were left to keep the computer from acknowledging it then there were other factors?

The data displayed was transferred to the PADD. "Time to make personal inquiry with the suspect." LeGant took the list, he would pass the question along to the Captain in the shift change from gamma to Alpha when the Captain takes command of the bridge.

According to records of his badge movements he is always a few minutes early to his ready room, LeGant would ask his questions then.


Lt. Aeron LeGant
Assist. Chief Security
USS Armstrong


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