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New Counselor Style

Posted on Thu Sep 12th, 2013 @ 9:54am by Captain Carter Hall & Lieutenant Acel Roe

Mission: What Lies Within Us
Location: Captain's ready Room.
Timeline: Current


Roe had beamed up, his belongings were transported to the quarters assigned to him; or so he presumed as it was not really much. As luck would have it going to Risa for a weekend while waiting for the ship to arrive was just a perk; the Prophets looked kindly upon those that sought their guidance and mercy in life. Roe had spent many hours that turned to day and morphed into years in respect of the Prophets.

Permission to come aboard?" He asked the Transporter technician as the only other representative in the room.

"Permission granted." The smile and light chuckle was a welcome first impression of the crew.

The doors parted as a human woman came through with a PADD in hand. "I am sorry Counselor Roe...." She had walked quickly to get here obviously. "I am Nicole Francis, I am here to welcome you and guide you to the Captain's Ready Room."

She was in Security colors; about twenty five with the soft looking skin framed with flowing blonde hair and eyes so blue it reminded him of Earth's sky, her rank was a NCO, he could wonder how a lovely girl like that takes down her opponent? Never are women in security as frail as they appear.

His brown Bajoran suit and cream colored shirt were simple but tastefully done, the knapsack he carried with him had his orders and a few things his office would need. "It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Francis." He said and gave a slight bow. You lead an I shall follow."

She flashed him a smile as she walked out with him in close tow.


She was a wholesome type of girl; small family raised on Earth in what is the Midwest of North America. They chat; well she did most of the chatting as Roe asked simple things about her.

"Here is the Ready Room Counselor Roe." She said with a smile that lit her face. "I will see you later.. I mean around."

"Be well Nicole Francis." Roe watched her for a few seconds; embarrassed when she glanced back and caught him. "What a mess and two minutes she thinks you might be a stalker type." Roe said only to himself as he rang the chime.

[Captain's Readyroom]

Alot on his mind, Carter Hall had just poured himself another cup of coffee from a pot that Kaleb Buhari had set up on a small side table in his readyroom. As far as he was concerned the language specialist was a godsend with providing the occasional breaks from replicated food and drinks, and the real Jamaican coffee blend was the icing on the cake, black and strong like it's Xenexian counterpart.

"Come in." he said when he heard the chime, and he glanced over when the door swooshed open. "Counselor Roe, welcome aboard." he said, setting the pot back down. He had been notified of the man's arrival and was expecting him.

"Peace upon you Captain." Roe said as he entered the Ready Room. "I hope I am not intruding as I have just now arrive I am humbled that you can see me so quickly upon my arrival."

Truth was that Roe had not expected to be ushered to the commanding officer, usually the executive Officer for non-chiefs of departments. It was not all that important the rank Roe held so long as he was given free reign to talk with the crew, he could gather more information that way than if he had them report to his office. Those were not totally reserved to session but a majority of his official work did occur there. He also kept a pot of tea much as the Captain had his coffee; it was something both then shared as an unrelated habit and a way for Roe to understand more of the Captain.

"You're not intruding, Counselor." Carter said. "We've been without a counselor onboard for a few days and there's an important matter I want to discuss with you. Take a seat." He then held up an empty mug in offering the former Vedek something to drink.

"Tea plain if you have it." Roe took a seat. "I have only the briefest of reports; while it is good to be needed, I do like to have some grasp of where I can help?"

Carter went to the replicator for Roe's tea and brought it to him. "There's still crew in counseling because of the attack on the Armstrong a year ago." he said as he sat down behind his desk, looking thoughtful. "Alexander McKinney's been through an ordeal. He's had good news, but I would like for you to talk to him, make sure the good news has sunk in, that he's doing alright."

"I can try to make it a more casual setting if you would think it better for him; I am not as formal as some counselors; I find a good chat often heals better than a formal counseling session?" Roe nodded. "I want to thank you for accepting my transfer; it is sometimes hard with my background to find a ship willing to trust their crew to a former Vedek." He smiled. "I assure you there were reasons for my departure and that I can do more for people as a counselor than a Vedek; in case you have liked to ask Sir."

"I hadn't thought about it," Carter replied, looking a bit thoughtful again, Ben coming to his mind..."but thank you for the information." He was quiet for a moment before saying, "With this crew, anyone on it, I think...casual... would be best." He shifted in his seat and leaned forward, "There is also my senior flight control officer, Lieutenant junior grade Vekar. He's recently returned to us after a leave of absence from Vulcan, and has concerns with how much he is accepted by the rest of the crew...' Carter paused, taking a drink of his coffee, "I'm not very good with coddling, Counselor."

"Few Commanders are Sir." Roe said honestly. "That is where my unofficial duty as Morale Officer comes into play; I have the honor of helping them through difficult things so that you need only worry about whom you need for the task at hand and not having to worry about if they are ready to do their duty?" Roe continued as he lean forward as well. "But that also extends to you sir, I will one day earn your trust and just like you to know that I am here when you need."

Carter stared at him as if contemplating before saying, "There's always that possibility, Counselor. Meanwhile," he added firmly, "I want you to focus on my crew."

"I would like to think of them as 'Our Crew sir, with all humble respects." Roe said. "I am here to help with this ship, it is an honor I do not take lightly."

"Neither do I" said Carter quietly, and then stared at his coffee cup.

"If you need me Captain, I will be around." Roe offered a hand shake.

Looking up, Carter accepted his hand. "Thank you, Counselor..." and he hesitated, "..I'm counting on it."

"I will leave you to your Command Sir." Roe turned to leave. "Open door policy is easier than my hunting you down ; just for the record." He commented as he headed for the door.

Carter watched him leave, and then leaned on his desk as he rubbed his forehead, Ben still heavily on his mind.


Captain Carter Hall
USS Armstrong
Lt Acel Roe


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