Waiting for the ride

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2013 @ 11:54am by Lieutenant Acel Roe

"Begin recording." Roe said as he sat on the balcony of the room he had arranged. "It would seem that I have been given oppurtunity again on a small starship; how this will transpire I am not really sure but it is change and we all know that change is good. I suppose I should be reading more in depth the dossiers I have on the crew, but really what can be found in a bunch of facts when a person is so much more that the sum of events" He reached and took a drink as the light breeze cooled him. "I am of the belief that the Prophets do not judge us upon our actions alone; so that being the case, How can I take these reported events and say that is the person?"

Getting up he walk to the banister to reflect.

"There is more to this than just an assignment; I was told a Personal request from Command was put in for my Transfer; while honored I do wonder what I am getting into? The implecatioons are that I am thought to be up to the task, i just hope they are not expecting a Vedek rather than a Counselor? Perhaps I am just exaggerating; my reputation from the war was years ago so maybe I should just leave it alone and do what is expected of me. The honor of being entrusted with another flock... I mean crew, to be the friendly ear is amazing. Maybe that is why I am hesitant; I thank Dumas put it correctly in the Count of Monte Cristo when Dantes asked if Man is truly supposed to be this happy?"

Roe shook his head and smiled as the setting sun was in view.

"End Recording." Roe ordered.