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CMDR Carter Hall's Personal Log - ...try try again

Posted on Wed Jul 11th, 2012 @ 5:30am by Captain Carter Hall
Edited on Wed Jul 11th, 2012 @ 5:05pm

"Captain's Log, current Stardate. Cmdr. Carter Hall. The Armstrong is en route to the Union Gateway, where we will proceed to a Class M desert planet just outside the Solaria Nebula in the ----- Quadrant.

I chose ..."

Taps taps finger...."Awe hell, Computer End Log."

"Captain's personal log, current Stardate. Cmdr. Carter Hall.

I chose not give the customary launch speech as I felt it would be too much for the crew with the ceremony and speech given by Admiral Maddock. Lt Cmdr Tor, who continues to be... a great support to my efforts on pulling this crew together asked that I say something 'profound' to the crew where I am not sure if I made a spectacle of myself or not. Austin's cheerleading is no indicator as the man clapped five years ago when I ...*clears throat*...that was a long time ago.

So be it...nothing could be as profound as the message she sent to me tonight.

Computer, end log."


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