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LT Tobin Ayo's Personal Log - Changing Places

Posted on Tue Jul 10th, 2012 @ 6:43pm by Lieutenant Tobin Ayo
Edited on Wed Jul 11th, 2012 @ 5:04pm

* * Two Weeks Ago, Post Surgery - Trill Homeworld * *

A bright light seared his eyelids, urging them to open. Tobin squeezed them tight, fighting against the sharp pain and mumbled something unintelligible.

"Good, it looks as if he is coming around. Open your eyes and tell me your name."

The light remained and Tobin spoke, deciding they were not going to give up.

"I'll open them if you get that light out of my face. And my name is Tobin...Ayo." The words were slightly slurred, the voice husky. Was it really his voice? Must be the result of the anesthesia.

His comment brought a round of laughter. "Now that sounds like Ayo. Welcome back, Tobin. everything looks just fine and we'll have you out of here in two days' time."

Tobin looked up at the faces hovering over him - the doctors, two members of the Commission, a nurse. He felt different and he knew it was both the loss of Xan and the addition of Ayo. It would be an adjustment, of course, and would take time. There was no way around it. The thought that had begun growing in his mind since the news of his symbiot switch had come rose once more, fully realized.

"I am..Ayo." He focused on the two Commissioners. "I am no longer Xan. I want the order separating Tor and I lifted. It doesn't apply anymore."

The two men looked at each other a moment, then finally one spoke. "Come see us when you are released from the hospital."

Tobin nodded, the first rays of hope warming him. At least they hadn't said no. Without warning, drowsiness overtook him again and he drifted down into the darkness, dreaming of blue eyes and a large pink flower.

* * Three Days Later * *

Tobin arrived at the offices of the Commission, dressed casually. He'd spent most of the day with a docent familiar with Ayo who'd helped him with the initial adjustment. He had to admit that Ayo and Xan were very different, but in a good way. Ayo was much more outgoing, intent on enjoying life and all it had to offer without hesitation. In contrast, Xan had been much more studious, more tied to his job than anything else. Tobin supposed that had been a blessing in disguise, given the ripping apart of his relationship with Gaelan. The job had kept him sane.

"They'll see you now." The assistant behind the desk spoke, interrupting his thoughts.

"Thank you." He passed her by and couldn't resist a once over. All Ayo. Stepping into the inner office, he closed the door behind him. "Good afternoon gentlemen."

The same two men sat facing him and both smiled as he entered. "Good afternoon to you, Tobin. Please, have a seat and tell us how you're settling in."

Tobin took the chair before the desk and nodded. "Very well. I've spent the day with Riordan as you know, and he seems satisfied. To be completely honest, I think Ayo was a good choice. Xan turned out to be a mixed blessing. The circumstances were difficult, but what he was...kept me together at a rough time. Ayo is much less reserved. More like me I suppose."

Both men nodded, and the other spoke this time. "Excellent, just what we wanted to hear." He shuffled some papers in a file before him. "We have your new orders from Starfleet, but before we get into that, you made a request post-op."

"I did." Tobin watched the pair intently, simply waiting now.

"We have considered your request. We want you to know that we are aware of how difficult it was for you at your first joining. The circumstances were less than ideal. We were not wholly unsympathetic to your situation but our rules on such matters could not be circumvented."

"I appreciate that." And why didn't you say that three years ago?

"In light of that, and given the fact that Ayo and Tor have no previous association, we have granted your request."

The Commissioner smiled a moment and looked to the other man at his side. A quick look passed between them, and it wasn't lost on Tobin. There was something left unsaid here. For now it didn't matter, what did matter was that he was free to find her again. A thrill raced through him, strong enough to make his fingers tingle, and a smile lit his face. He felt suddenly as if he could fly. Three years of hell were about to be wiped away.

"Again, I thank you." His voice broke and he fell silent, taking a moment to regain control.

"As for your orders, you will be taking the position of Alpha shift Operations Officer aboard the USS Armstrong. The ship itself has just undergone a massive rebuild following an ambush in which a large number of the crew was killed. We are including a full report for you so you know the history before you arrive. It is now under the command of Commander Carter Hall. It is due to depart from Starbase Tiberious in ten days. Thus, you have a few more days recovery time, then you will depart. Your shuttle should arrive the day before launch."

"A bit tight but I'll manage." Tobin nodded. "And Tor? Any word on where she is now that I am allowed to know?"

The first Commissioner spoke again. "You will find her on Tiberious. You should have enough time to find her and give her the news before you depart on the ship's shakedown mission." He paused and smiled now. "Good luck Tobin, and we wish you both the best."

Tobin took the padd extended to him and stood. "Good afternoon, and thank you again." Without another word, he turned and hurried out. The two men were silent until the door closed and one looked at the other.

"Did we do the right thing in not telling him her position and that she would be going on that mission with him?"

"Better to let it be a surprise. They both need a little happiness."

Lt. Tobin Ayo
Moving Through Some Changes


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