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The USS Armstrong's been assigned to maintenance sensor and warning buoys in an uninhabited system that's been gripped by a plague caused by years of Biological warfare. The species responsible, once hunted and all thought to have been destroyed, return home, placing the Armstrong in an unexpected situation.

Part of Season 2

The Hitchhiker

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From the Ashes-Moving Forward

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A transitional time during which the remaining crew of the USS Armstrong will deal with the loss of nearly a third of their fellow crewmembers. Administrative issues will be handled and new crew will come aboard. During this time, Commander Carter Hall will take the reins from the Armstrong's young Acting Commander, Gaelan Tor.

Part of Season 1


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Enroute to their new assignment in the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Armstrong is ordered to take on a routine mission. After a shuttle crash lands on a planet thought to be barren, they are to go there to clean up the debris field. Upon arrival, though, there is no debris field and, during their search for any sign of it, strange things begin to happen...

Part of Season 1

The Answers We Seek

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Sometimes we don't get the answers we seek because we are not yet ready to live them. Because there are still layers to uncover, pieces to put together, and discoveries to make about ourselves in the big, beautiful, gaping space between the question and the answer. First things first...

McCall Erickson

Part of Season 1

What Lies Within Us

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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Assigned to the new SCE hub within the new frontier, the USS Armstrong leaves Starbase Tiberius within the Beta Quadrant, and heads towards the Delta Quadrant with a few civilian passengers, including potential cadets, along for the ride.

With not much to do, and time on their hands, to help pass time on their long journey, an age old prank war renews between security and engineering.

There are paybacks to be made and new faces to be initiated.

The boxing match between the Captain and his new first officer continues. Will they come to some sort of understanding? Will they become a united front? Will they survive?

How many will be caught in the crossfire among the Armstrong crazies?

A new face along for the ride just may steer this crew in a better direction.

Part of Season 1