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Ensign Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz

Name Teese'ah 'Tess' Lianz

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Native Birth Name (if any other) Tese-ah
Gender Female
Species Orion/ Betazoid
Age 25
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Teese'ah is a typical Orion female in appearance with her only real Betazoid attribute is the eyes. She keeps herself neat and usually has a calm demeanor most of the time that moves to happy. She is often smiling and her physique is partly due to her Orion Heritage and the years of Gymnastics have trimmed her body to an athletic style body.

She often wears her hair loose when not on duty to the just below shoulder length with a defined body wave to it. She can smile to make you melt, be coy enough to draw you in and glare like a phaser battery. Her clothing looks tailored all the way down to her uniforms as if she kept up at night altering her clothes. She will wear skirts and dresses when off duty unless having to do manual and a lot of bending she will wear something that accents she is a woman.


Spouse None
Father Talson
Mother Izbaht
Other Family TECHI: Tailoring Emergency Computerized Holographic Intellegence. Hologram tailor.

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Teese'ah is a soft hearted person that seeks to help others; she has a tendency to put others ahead of herself. What gives her pleasure is nurturing others. She does have the Orion streak in her; she has a temper when roused. She might seem shallow yet this is a facade; she is just enjoying herself and would gladly share with others.

She has many hobbies, being active helps her control her 'Heritage and it is a know fact that many people when sexually frustrated tend to substitute physical activity.

She is trained as a hostess and her empathy helps her with her healing nature; she will do anything for someone in her care. Her other side is more of a culinary person who enjoys cooking and will replicate raw materials from the 'Full Meal' replicator just to cook it. Her other interests are hers and she keeps them sacred; yet, she does not enjoy being alone.

Her one fallacy is the fact she does not like being leered at; she cannot contain her disgust for men ; or women, who think of her as an object. her personality is friendly but also protective. She studied Vulcan meditation techniques.

She is constantly trying to get noticed for being more than an Orion Slave Girl and fighting the Stigma of her heritage. She can become moody and even upset if thought that she is evaluated only as an Orion Female.

She refers to her need to expend her pent up Phoremones as 'Going Full Slave Girl' and she seduces a random man on a base or hides sealed in the Holodeck to allow the effects of her heritage loose. She does not seduce men in her command or on her ship as that could get 'awkward' and she is strict in this belief.
Strengths & Weaknesses + helping persona
+ Hostess type
+ Thinks outside normal methods to get goal achieved
+ Team player
+ Linguist
+Xenobiologist (What plants and herb work best per specieses.

+/- Follows empathic impressions

- hot tempered about heritage
- Can seem stand- offish
- tries to get past her Orion Heritage
Ambitions To be she can be the best healer
Hobbies & Interests Gymnastics (Competitive)
Likes to swim for fitness.
Fencing (favored)
Capoera Martial art
Hover cycle riding
Tai Chi

Portrays an 'Immortal' in a holo tournament that if she is simulated killed will be out of access to program forever. It is to dwindle all partisipant until 'there can only be one.'
Languages Orion
Federation Standard


Personal History Teese'ah was the result of a short relationship. Her father was a Betazoid and wounded in an Orion Piracy attack. Captured while wounded her mother nursed him to health. Often she recalled the days with a smile. Teese'ah was born shortly after. Being a Betazoid she was trained to be a hostess, then a seductive kitten and how to make men putty in her hand.

All by the age of 10.

Fearing her daughter would be in danger after an Orion guard took a liking to her and defiled her 'before she bloomed' Teese'ah was set for sale at 10 rather than the usual 12 years old tradition. Izbaht took it upon herself to reach out for the daughter's father, a prominent member of a Betazoid house. He rushed to the place where he not only had to accept he had a daughter but that his child was up for sale. With the resources at hand he managed to purchase his daughter and took her to Betazed.

Teese'ah "Tess' was finally given her father's name; he did not realize she exist after being ransomed back to his family. He took an instant love of 'Tess' as he called her. He raised her and began to help her heal; as a doctor he could heal her body more than her will. The other children made fun of her as she was so different; when she first heard them she blew it off. Her father put her in Gymnastics; she learned to dive and swim like a fish. Her years were a mix of fun and heartbreak.

When in a tournament for Gymnastic a girl she was to compete with made a comment 'they let any Launch Bay Lizard compete these days. The reference was from old Earth about a name give women who would have sex for transportation in merchant truck stops. Tess attacked the girl and because of the fight BOTH were disqualified.

This was not her last fight as an Orion and empath she was easier read then her reading of the thoughts. She was easily set off and her phoremones hard to control so she often attracted young men without trying, much to the seething dispair of other girls. Thus she often got into 'cat fights and scraps' when other girls demeaned Tess. It was beginning to become a big problem for Tess as she was getting into fights ; the full Betazoids were jealous of her and her natural ability to attract men. When problems started to escalate her father enrolled her in a private school in the Vulcan consulate. She was taught the finer art of controlling her emotions better. What she discovered was with control of her emotions was control of her 'Heritage' levels very low.

A traveling Monk from Earth taught Tai Chi as a means of meditation, Tess took to it quickly. She also sought to learn more of a martial art, she chose instruction in Capoera; a style of martial are that incorporates dancing. She also discovered a love for Fencing, she said it was like dancing a dealy dance; ahw also studied 'theatrical Fencing' as a hobby.

Her Father is a Doctor and as such would show Tess how he used his Emathy to sense the patent, it helped him focus upon the injury. Tess began to have the same natural skill with empathy and detecting pain. She used her 'Heritage' to help others and grew in her ability. She became a Volunteer in the hospital her father worked and through being around Nurses gained knowledge in how to heal various races.

Upon graduating her schooling she had accumulated hours of volunteer work and studied Xeno-Bilogy with her father's tutelage. She earned a slot in the Medical program at the Academy and graduated high in her classes. There were a few scuffles; it seemed girls still had a jealoucy of her but not as many fights since Tess learned to control her emotions more.

Her first cruise she used her empathy when the simulated Core breech was more serious after the cadets misaligned the matrix and a plasma fire ensued. Tess was little more than a first responder yet she knew whom to send to surgery and who could wait. She showed great clam under the conditions.

Her Nursing Internship was mostly uneventful until the Mulan had to give aid when a civil war broke otut on Tarsis III, She worked double shifts plus, she used her heritage to help calm some of the male wounded as she knew a 'pretty face' and some loving care helps. Her smile mixed with her effect on men helped raise spirits. She did regretfully decline several marriage proposals due to the after effects of her going 'Full Orion."

The Moscow she did her tour as a Medical Technician; the ship was a patrol assignment near the Romulan boarders and closer to open space. Several battle were fought and her coolness under fire was noted. She seemed to want to save them all; it was also noted how much it hurt when she lost a patent. Often after the actions she would be found weeping alone in a secluded space; the images still in her head and the ambiant 'noise' from the accumulated pain was hard on her.

The Sydney was a smaller ship and her time there as a nurse was normal until the surgeon was about to cut into a sensitive area and Tess brought attention that he also neared some unharmed tissue, she helped guide him to the problem as she felt it.

The time on the USS Berlin was exciting for Tess, she was shift lead, the work kept her both stimulated, she excelled, then the impossible happened, the ship transporting a foster home, the loss of systems and circuit over loads caused an internal fire. The ship arrived too late and all the children were dying along with the Foster parents. It was quite painful both physically and mentally as she could only sit by and make the dying comfortable. She comforted 3 of the children, she logged more time than any other medical staff. She made sure the children were passed on before she collapsed.

It was after that incident she was given a mercy award/ commendation.

Instead of asking for a higher command for a ship of he Line she requested duty on an Engineering vessel as Head Nurse. The reasoning is 'they are out to help.' is what she said in the interview. She was granted her request.

Medical History Lianz was raised to be a healer with her background and empathy.
Her Father taught her the healing properties of the native herbs and other plants on Betazed.
In Academy she minored in Xeno-Biology with emphasis in Herbal medicines.
Service Record Academy
USS Ashguard Cadet cruise
USS Milan Intern cruise
USS Moscow Medical Technician
USS Sidney Nurse
USS Berlin Shift lead
USS Armstrong Chief Nurse