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Lieutenant Acel Roe

Name Acel Roe

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 202 lbs
Hair Color auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Acel is a well kept man who like swimming and hiking; his slightly rugged physique is hidden under a handsome face. Almost that he would be seen as a 'pretty Boy' until he is tested physically. He has a pleasant voice and his eyes are inviting while he always seems interested in any conversation; tends to look mostly in the eyes while conversing. He wears Bajoran civilian clothing when off Duty that fit as though tailored; or he just keeps himself physically the same, but it is anyone's guess.

His most outstanding feature is his not wearing of anything Black and seems repulsed if offered to him. He wears more earth tones anda Will not wear a standard uniform, will always be seen in Bajoran attire even on duty.

Som scarring and burns on his back, he will NOT have removed 'Out of respect' for those who earned them.


Spouse Not Yet
Children None
Father Armen
Mother Karin
Sister(s) Keeta

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Acel is a soft spoken in many ways ; almost like a philosopher in many ways, he smiles in a fashion as he trieds to be a good host and helpful aways. He is positive in a way that almost seems forced or fake, he genuinely wants to help people. He is a team player and despite mental scarring became a Counselor?

He has a deep rooted hatred of MOST Cardassians and all the miliitary brances of Cardassian service. He has often remarked ; I have not met a Cardassian yet that I like, but I hold a slim hope to one day before I go to the Prophets, not everyone can be bad.'

Aside from that he is a good host type who has a good ear, he listens more than he speaks and always tried to make it pleasent. He has one quirk, he is studying the Hagiku

His one bit of concern is his intolerance of Cardassians and bullies, he is firm to point of near violence. The cardassian put him under mental abuse durning the war and the scarring has healed mostly but there are 'quirks' as he will not wear things that are black in color. He does not say why other than he prefers other colors.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Good listener




Strong willed.


Intolerant of Cardassians or bullies

Will not wear black because of Trama

Tends to keep his past quiet

Will not wear Fleet standard uniform

Overly positive.
Ambitions To help the members of his implied flock through life.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming


Earth Volleyball

Rock Climbing



Chalk Artist


Portrays a 'OutBack Aussie from 19th century.
Languages Bajorian, Cardassian, Klingon, Federation Standard.


Personal History Acel was born of Humble beginnings, he had the normal childhood with some nice things given to him. He seemed to have some aptitude; like his father, towards mechanics and such. His father repaired fusion reactors and field generators, Acel followed him and learned a lot.

When Acel was 16 he was pretty good at fixing things and patching, it was a must know skill on Bajor. He then noticed a shrine; one that told of a Vedek who to save his flock stood up to his Cardassian masters, they stoned him to death slowly. Acel found tears coming; he understood why a man would do that and how much the Vedek had to love his flock to have done such a sacrifice. It was a turning point as he started a path that led him to becoming a vedek.

He was among the youngest to earn the small flock of his own on the outskirts of the province; he was barely an adult taking care of a small flock. It was then he was given a moment with an Orb of Knowledge, it is said he changed and was suddenly optimistic of things like never before.He tended the garden in his spare time and was always ‘patching’ something together for his people, the generators of the area were not new but with Acel’s help they ran.

Then came the Dominion; they were with the Jem’Hadar; the rulers returned and Bajor seemed to welcome them in a way. Acel became protective of his flock and was standing before the Shrine that the Vorta wanted a working field generator to power their outpost and theirs failed. They took several from his flock and this one powered the small house of the Prophets that gave warmth to his flock. He was not giving that away.

The Cardassians beat him and took the generator, the vorta wanted to kill the upstart but being a Vedek the Cardassians did not allow his death. They put him over the camp as their ‘spiritual leader’ to those damned to die as criminals of war.

Acel waited for the next chamber to be his; the Gul over-seeing the camp came to Acel. He took the young man out and towards the bodies freshly placed waiting disposal. The had him remove his robes and as he stood the stripped him and gave him black garments from head to foot; his beloved robes were black as night.

“Give last rights to your new flock…” The Gul laughed and let Acel.

What followed was the traditional two hours of chanting her Pagh; then the next and the next and he gave rites to each one until the guards pommeled him unconscious.

When when he woke they fed him better than the prisoners and made him eat where others could see. He refused and they put a weapon to a head and threatened to make that person die slowly. It was promised the person would die quickly if Acel obeyed, the person; a young woman of human heritage, nod to him as they both knew she would die in her Federation uniform. They also knew to die swift was merciful. Acel complied and at each feeding the same thing was done to him until he complied with no hesitation.
Quickly his life became wake; give rites until they knocked him silly, eat and more rites then sleep. As the months of the war passed he learned many of the human rites, the Klingon rites and tehn one day a Cardassian was killed. They forced Acel to learn the rites to Cardassia. He felt ill following the Cardassian when asked to perform the rite. He demanded a day for a prisoner instead of merciful death; then food for the camp, a double ration? He had vile pain in his pagh with each Cardassian but the compromise helped the flock so he did it with honesty. He would do rites in exchange for mercy; it was right even if it felt wrong to him. He was doing all her could as one man; one Vedek for so many Paghs and souls. They would shock or lash him if he spoke out of turn but did not kill him, they laughed at his suffering.

The cardassians nicknamed him ‘Vedek of the dead’ as he was told he would be the last to die in this camp, they would slaughter his flock an d he would give rites before he died himself. He began to speak less and less as he knew any favor he showed was a painful reprise to them. HE sat on his knees to the Prophets vowing if he lived he would celebrate life and contrinue helping wherever he was needed.

The Federation was winning and more ‘Cardassian favors’ came to save lives a bit more until the camp was rescued by Invading forces. Acel stumbled last out of the camp; not letting anyone stay; he was the last out of the camp as the ‘Cardies’ told him.

Once Bajor had began to heal he found himself in front of the Kai; they placed an honor upon ‘Vedek of the Pagh’ as he became known. He was asked to do rites for so many he could not even return to his own flock. The people who had gotten strength from him; he was among those used to show how Bajoran people do not give up on the Prophets.

He was offered the chance to erach out to the people and taking it he signed onto Star Fleet Training. The Counselor allowed him not to wear the Standard Uniform as he had an aversion to it and as Counselor he could wear his other clothes. This carried him through training and when asked to wear the formal uniform he did so with pride.
He was assigned as a Moreale Oficer after cadet and served well for nearly a year; then he was sent to a station and made Counselor internship. He learned to be a good host and his meditations grew as he touched lives around him. H ebegan adapting other cultures into his own life and his desire to be positive and help anywhere earned him a position on the USS Armstrong as a Counselor.
Service Record Bajoran resistence
Labor camp
Study to be Fleet Counselor
USS Triton (Cadet Cruise)
Star Base 114 (Moral Officer)
Deep Space 9 (Counselor Intern)
Uss Armstrong (Counselor)