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Lieutenant Aeron LeGant

Name Aeron -- LeGant

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Ft. 4 in.
Weight 228 lbs
Hair Color Black (SHaven mostly)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aeron is built like an athlete; an aggressive rugby Player, his bulk does not slow him down and he tends to be ‘imposing’ due to his Orion physique. It is said pound per pound an Orion is 50% stronger than humans and Le Gant has a more than fair share of bulk. His eyes are what is called piercing and the structure of his face ‘dashing.’ He walked like a racehorse and the one thing is that few know of his teeth; mainly, he does not smile. It is not that he hasn’t the ability; he chooses not to. He has been compared to a ‘straight Man’ whom in comedy remains calm despite the jokes.


Father Gerard
Mother Mercedies

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aeron is the classic Straight Man of a Comedy duo; the one that no matter how funny the joke, can remain calm almost cold. He wears a ‘Stoic’ expression a great majority of the time; stemming from training in his childhood and great mental discipline. Some say he is a crouching Tiger as when he is agitated he can be ‘forceful’ to end confrontations.

The flip side to those that know him is that he has a very soft side; he is loyal to friends and those few he cares about he would die for without hesitation. He will also give ‘tough love’ when needed, he is known to give answers to questions asked. He was said to have smiled in the past, an intimate acquaintance noted he had while with her.

His work ethic and protective nature are a mix of the French Police Officer father and being trained early as a bodyguard, he is short tempered when those ‘in his care’ are threatened or worst. His Intel Background is mostly undercover work as a thug who listens to everything around him.

His Driving belief is there are 2 types of people : hard and Soft. SOft is not weakness but those not as embattled as himself. He is what he defines as Hard, soft ones are what he protects most.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Open minded
+ Dedicated
+Strong persona
+Good People Skills
+ Gift with Communications cryptography
+ Deductive skills
Overly protective of women
Goes into a form of controlled rage
Seems cold and uncaring
Ambitions Protect those he cares for with an Elite Security Force.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking of real food
Motorcycle riding Automobiles driving
Horseback riding
Rock Climbing
Ballistic weapons
Chalk Artist
Portrays an ‘American Indian’ on Holodeck
Portrays a Detective in Paradise (Earth Hawaii)
Languages Orion,ferengi, Klingon, Romulan, French & Federation standard


Personal History Aeron is an Orion Born Bone Breaker for the Syndicate; his training began at 4 years old to build his body as well as his mind. He knows the Humanoid anatomy very well and the female 200 + erotic zone to the touch.

He had intense body training and psychological training to endure pain and mental anguish, he had to remain emotionless so not to i[p the hand while protecting his master. As both Enforcer and Bodyguard Aeron excelled in his studies. The coded language of the Orions was taught him as well as the penalty of revealing not to others he could not trust implicitly.

At the age of choosing; approximately 12 years old EARTH Standard Years, he was on a Ferengi ship heading to a sales block, the vessel was crossing a small bit of Federation territory and had a bounty on it as well as illegal implications. A search and seizure had a small score of alien slaves bound for sale. Aeron fought well but all the training and muscle in the universe cannot stop a couple of shots with a heavy stun setting.
He was hard to adopt until Gerard LeGant saw potential. Being a street line cop, he knew how to handle delinquents and Aeron accepted
the “Master/ Student” type relationship that grew into respect and a parental type of bond. He was adopted at 16 and well into understanding the Police detective Game, though he still did not smile much; a sly grin was as close to ‘cracking up laughter’ as e seemed to get. He studied heard and his grades were enough to get through and the top 15% of his classes..

The beautiful women were his weakness; in the Orion Social Standard the women rule. LeGant gave that up but he is attracted to women. But he liked the more passive women, and half his pursuits were afraid of him or intimidated. He started to enjoy the ‘Bad Girls’ as they were not afraid of him and he lived a little fast and furious in high school.

He also got an interest in the Communications deal, he began making 'personal channels' for the girls he liked and enough garble to not be traced. It was a skill he seemed to have naturally. His 'Father' Gerard had a use for the skill as well. The improved radio signals helped him keep one step ahead of criminals.

Aeron graduated High School and thought about College but the universe called to him. He enrolled in the Trade of Communications. His degree would make him a better officer in Star Fleet so he applied. The Background Check brought up more than was expected; he had training in Orion Syndicate style operations according to the debrief prior to his asylum. He was approached and offered the Intel Communications Division.

Three more years of training how to acquire and keep secrets, covert communication techniques and even 'hands on' Intel training. His first part of the Career in Star Fleet was Black OPS; Snatch and Grabs and counter insertions. It was often Aeron behind lines that should not be crossed setting up listening posts and fine tuning Communications. All under the direct Security Training with his 'Electives being the Communications. They wanted a 'biological tank with the ability to communicate with base as well.'

[Security Level 4 and above required]

Aeron went under cover for rescues, observations, investigation and just to keep some people from talking to others by scrambling them. He had been in so many directions he felt lost. After a few years he quit and left the Intel Branch to his Beloved Security Branch. Here he could do what he enjoyed; what he felt destined for, to protect people. He shied away from the Communications and focused on his skills as a rescue operative also known as 'Snatch and Grab' type expert.

During Dominion War he acted the role of Orion Mercenary behind enemy lines. After the War went into cover to seek out criminals trying to undermind the reconstruction efforts and threats to the peace. Once in a team that followed an attempt on President of Federation. Did a stint for the remaining term on protection; what Americans called Secret Service, to protect the Daughter of the President.

[Official Records]

Dominion War served on Admiralty staff as consultant for Cover Communications from behind enemy lines.
Went on to the counter intelligence for a time. Was on Earth as instructor of Covert Communications at academy.

Fleet History.

Star Base 114 he came as a Security Officer with emphasis on repairing the Communication surveillance systems. He upgraded parts and the network over a two year basis while also being involved with three sting operations for 114. His small team managed to capture a load of Contraband weapons heading for Cardassia; which earned him an Accomodation. He was instrumental in the tracking of Pirates in the area having listened and broke their coded transmissions.

The USS Burma needed help in the Operations Communications end. LeGant was loaned to the OPS department for this process. He was serving as a Security Officer every other shift when not working the Communications array. The Burma was attacked , her warp Drive knocked out and Communications array damaged in first strike to assure no call for help. LeGant used Commando type tactic to get to a shuttle and modify it to transmit to a Subspace relay the situation. He was also said to have terminated three pirates from the party attempting to take over the USS Burma. His accommodations put him in line for a chief position and several were offered; two rank jumps was impressive but the Admiralty still wonder why he took the transfer to the USS Armstrong as only an assistant Security Chief.

Service Record Intel
Starbase 114
USS Burma
Major/s or Specialty/s Communications