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Lieutenant Commander Lianna Telaio

Name Lianna Telaio

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 132 pounds
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Average height and build. Lia is often found either completely covered in dirt and dust or with pen ink on her hands and smudges on her face where she has absentmindedly got ink or dirt on her face when she is concentrating.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Jasper Telaio (Archaeologist)
Mother Dr Eleanora Telaio (Geneticist)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lia is a much loved only child of Jasper and Eleanora, it wasn't that they didn't want children it was more to do with the fact that they lost track of time and Lia was a late comer. Eleanora has entered the Betazoid state of life where they have a heightened sexuality so it wouldn't be too much to expect that there might be a baby brother or sister coming along now that their life is more settled.

While she can be absentminded and get lost in her work Lianna has a good heart and is willing to drop what she is doing to help others when needed.

She is a strong Telepath and Empath but was brought up with the belief it was rude to read more than surface thoughts without someones permission.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Team player
+ Highly Intelligent
+ ethical

- Absentminded
- Stubborn
- Hates enclosed spaces
Hobbies & Interests Contact sports, martial arts, climbing, reading horror stories and apocalyptic tales (especially Zombies).
Languages Standard, Navajo, Orion, Vulcan, small amount of Ferengi and Andorian. Also knows several forms of sign language.


Personal History Lianna is the only child of Jasper and Eleanora Telaio. Both her parents loved their daughter to pieces bt there was always this air of bemusement like she had suddenly shown up out of thin air when they weren't looking. Jasper and Eleanora were soul mates and Imzadi and Lia had grown up wanting nothing more out of a marriage than what her parents had.

Growing up Lia and her parents were constantly on the move from dig to dig and much of her education was done by correspondence. This was perfect for the bright little button that she was but meant that she became socially awkward with those her own age as she tended to interact with adults.

By the time she was 15 she had already completed all the compulsory school years and was looking for something more to do. She desperately wanted to join Starfleet and sat the exam on her 16th birthday. While she passed with flying colours there was some hesitation as to how she would deal with so many people her own age when she had never been around them physically before. Lia had a rather unique way of dealing with this, she treated them like one of her parents digs.

Now there would be many people giving her weird looks if she was to tell them that, especially considering none of them were a) dead or b) had been dead for several centuries but what she meant by that was that she went into the situation with absolutely no preconceptions as to the people or culture ... she let them tell their own story and swam through the little eddies like a fish taking it all in but not really touching it.

Graduating the academy at 20 with a degree in Science, she realised that there was so much out there that she wanted to learn still, and not really believing she had a chance to get in, she applied to the vaunted Vulcan Science Academy and was one of a few non Vulcans to pass and be accepted to the academy. There was only one momentary hitch ... the courses were all in Vulcan and assignments had to be written in high Vulcan.

Having 6 months before the new term started at the VSA Lia was fostered with a family who spent time immersing her in Vulcan language and culture to the point that it was alot like she had been born on Vulcan. This had the added bonus of ensuring her behaviour was acceptable to her new classmates.

Thriving at the Academy Lia majored in Paleontology and Archaeology, and managed to get a minor in genetics but being in the dirt and wind was always her first love. At 26 it was decided by herself and Starfleet that she was ready for her first mission
Service Record majored in both Paleontology and Archaeology.

Wrote a paper on "The rise and fall of a Mesopotamian like society on Beta Ceti 4"