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Lieutenant Commander Alexander McKinney

Name Alexander Fox McKinney

Position SCE Team XO/Second Officer

Second Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Place of Birth Shoalhaven, Australia, Earth
Marital Status It's...Complicated
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazelly-Blue
Physical Description Tall and athletic

Dimpled chin

Has 6 tattoos– large ones on each shoulder, one on each forearm, a small one above his right nipple, and one large one that spans his lower back and reaches slightly over his hips.


Ex-Spouse/s Aleysha Xerix
Children A son, Saxon age 6
Father Ross McKinney, 74
Mother Anna McKinney, 64
Brother(s) Connor (Identical Twin), Commandant of StarFleet Academy Magellen Campus, Sapientia, Delta Quadrant.
Sister(s) Specialist Ivy McKinney, Botanical Engineer on Starbase Magellan, Sapientia.
Other Family Ciara McKinney, cousin, age tbd
Aiden McKinney, cousin, age 34

Various other relatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet, observant, and forthright...sometimes in a smart ass way. Has a tendancy to challenge people.
Strengths & Weaknesses *Great interpersonal communication and organizational skills.

*Quick thinker under pressure.
Hobbies & Interests Is a natural athlete who enjoys the outdoors and loves mountain and rock climbing, hiking, and running. For personal pleasure, he writes and makes music on his guitar. Is a talented artist, and self-taught juggler.
Languages Standard Federation (with Aussie Slang thrown in), Vulcan, a little Andorian.

Official Information (Do not fill in, Official Use Only)


Personal History Of Irish and Scottish descent, Alexander, along with his identical twin brother Connor, were born in Shoalhaven, Australia in the year 2352...raised in Hyams Beach nearby.

More to come...
Medical History Away from the SCE on medical leave for over 9 months due to severe damage to his lungs from some kind of alien fumes during a mission.

Note: needs more
Service Record *Enrolled into the Academy, making his primary degree Engineering, specializing in Components Engineering, namely holographic systems. Minored in Operations.

*Continued education at Starfleet Academy College of Engineering, at the campus located in Belfast, Ireland. Expanding on both his engineering and operations degrees.

*more here

*Near one year medical leave.

*On loan to the USS Pegasus for three months while waiting for SCE assignment.

*Assigned to the USS Armstrong as SCE Team XO and Damage Specialist. Shortly afterwards was appointed as Second Officer.
Major/s or Specialty/s Damage Control, Holographic Systems


Friends Friends from years ago:
Kaleb Buhari
Garret Wildner
River Wild
Aleysha Xerix
Romance Alora Janke - is currently falling for, yet recently and reluctantly broke off dating for deciding he is going to leave the Armstrong.

Adara Gunnar - Former Csec of Armstrong, had a short fling with; first flirtation and then grief sex. Did not end well.

Aleysha Xerix - Ex-wife. Alex and Aleysha were first good friends serving together on another SCE starship. They ended up married on a Risian shoreleave due to partying heavy, and decided to give marriage a try when it was discovered Aleysha was pregnant. It didn't work out as they realized they weren't going to fall in love. Still caring for each other and for the sake of their son, the two have remained friends.