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Lieutenant Commander Sarah Thatcher

Name Sarah Elizabeth Thatcher

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build. Her hair is medium length and usually pulled back. She looks solid but graceful.


Father John
Mother Nora
Brother(s) Zack
Sister(s) Genna
Other Family Usual aunts, uncles, cousins etc

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patient, and stubborn when she chooses to be, she’s a planner. And will follow an investigation with all due diligence regardless of how exciting it is. Tends to be mellow and only as formal as she needs to be, but will tend to follow the lead of her CO. Is very easy going and doesn't tend to get upset easily. Loyal to friends, she is also friendly and outgoing when she chooses to be. Will tend to treat everyone with respect until/if they prove they don't deserve it. As she is a planner and will double check all her own gear before a mission as well as that of her team. She prefers to out think rather then out fight but will step up if she needs too. Not hugely emotional, nevertheless feels deeply but isn't inclined to panic. She excels in strategy and the like. Has the British attitude of carrying on in the face of adversity.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Creative
+Is good at mysteries and puzzles. Nickname: Sherlock.
+Honorable (mostly)

-Tends to get tunnel vision when working, has been known to forget to eat etc.
-Once she does sink her teeth into something does not like to let go.
-Can sometimes have a sense of humor that can be misunderstood.
-Has to remind herself she can not simply entirely ignore officers who annoy her.
-It takes alot to get on her list of evil people but has been known to hold grudges to those on that list. Actively.
-Has a hard time resisting a mystery or mental puzzle challenge. Like shiny things in front of a Dragon.
Hobbies & Interests 3-D Chess, any other strategy game, puzzles, mysteries, caving, martial arts and poetry are among her interests. Also loves music and some history.


Personal History History:

Sarah was born in London, England on Earth. A city girl she grew up in the town that managed to still show its ancient heritage while being every inch a part of the 24th century in the important ways. As Sarah's Grandmother Thatcher would say, “Londoners do it with style”. Then Sarah would make a face and get a good laugh from the older woman. While many in her family have scattered to other jobs, planets and life choices there has always been a core of her family who have devoted themselves to giving others a safe place to hang their hat and caring for them. The Thatchers can trace back to some family being members of the Knights Hospitaller, a medieval order of Knights dedicated to caring for sick and injured pilgrims to certain holy sites. Some tool it further even pulling escort duty so those pilgrims could travel in safety. Others became doctors, soliders, innkeepers. So well known at one point were the Thatchers for their service to others that one of their number was given a hereditary knighting. Unlike other types this would be passed down from parent to eldest child. Sarah's father official title would be Squire Thatcher. It was at this time they created their coat of arms. Blue and Green diagonally bisected by a silver line with picture of a citadel tower and a quill. The family motto was, “Be the Bastion against the Dark.”.

Sarah's upbringing was a happy one, her father owned the Thatcher Pub (called the Pen and Sword or usually Thatcher's Pub or PS) that had been in the family for generations upon generations. Done in the classic British Pub style it was a common favorite with just about everyone. She would do her homework in a corner of the busy pub while members of her family served and chatted. She was of a quiet nature and learned much but simply watching. She saw when her dad knew when to stop a fight and when to let it go, when to lend an ear, how to 'read' the energy in a room. How much effort her parents put into making It a safe and comfortably place for their patrons. One could see the cares of the day drop off them as they walked into the place. Out back was even a 'secret garden' style seating area for when the weather was nice. And there were still rooms on the second floor. As she grew she helped more and more. She would also explore with her friends and generally had a fine time. They had a number of regulars who took a liking to the quiet but eager to learn child and took to teaching her random skills.

Which explains the random stuff she picked up like martial arts, lock picking, games of strategy, and other like things. She was happy in her life and didn't think of Starfleet until the Dominion blasted Starfleet HQ and the Academy etc. For the first time she was pulled out of this timeless and safe place into a universe where anything could happen. That night the pub was full for what non regulars didn't know it was reinforced to resist any manner of explosions and the like, safety and calm could be found at the Thatchers. So Sarah saw both sides she saw the chaos on the news and the damage. She also saw tired public emergency personnel bent over a mug of tea getting ready to go out again. Saw how important a place to recharge was, how important it was to give people that feeling of safety. It was then she made the decision. She was curious about the universe but had been happy to remain home but she felt it was important to answer a deeper calling. To go where those would be in the most need of someone to help keep them safe so they could keep being awesome, to give them a safe place to hang their hat.

So as the years went by she learned all she could in her quietly persistent way but her desire to serve never left her. So she entered Starfleet Academy and joined security. She was never a showy officer but was efficient. It was not uncommon for a few officers to argue about how to get something done only to find that Sarah had either done it or planned it out already and was simply waiting for people to stop freaking out. Good duties or bad she did them with the overriding goal sanctuary not just of mind of spirit. Not usually security's role but in Sarah's experience it was never cut and dry. There were many ways to protect. She spent the last part of her career in deep space and now seemed poised to go there again as she arrived on the Armstrong.
Service Record USS Citadel
Star base 677
USS TrailBlazer-Deep Space Frontier Exploration Vessel.