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Lieutenant JG Shae Gilles

Name Shae Emmeline Gilles

Position Security Commissioned Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Alpha Centauri
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Shae's in good physical shape and she keeps a more or less healthy diet - she's a fan of junk food. She has a shapely figure with a toned body result of an exercise routine. She has a long and straight dark hair, expressive hazel eyes and a warm smile. Shae dresses accordingly to Starfleet regulation, but off duty favors comfortable outfits. She doesn't put much thought on her looks on or off-duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Christian Gilles
Mother Coraline Gilles
Brother(s) Ioan (bar manager) and Rupert (Civilian cargo pilot.)
Sister(s) None
Other Family N/A

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shae is a well-balanced and stable individual. She loves her job and is a firm believer in the Starfleet and its mission. She's an intelligent, capable and devoted officer. Shae seems happy with the way her life turned out and with the decision she has made so far. She does what she loves and she believes she can make a difference by doing her work at the best of her abilities.

Her personal life isn't as fulfilling at the moment. Shae seems to have a problem keeping steady relationships, but she blames on schedules and workload rather than her indisposition to maintain a relationship. She doesn't feel like she's missing out by not getting married or having kids at the moment, though. She's young and there's time for that later.

Overall, Shae has a laid back attitude towards life in general and she likes to keep things simple. She tries not to make a big deal out of things. It just seems a waste of time to over think things sometimes. She follows her own moral code, has a good sense of humor and is loyal to what she believes in.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent and resourceful.
+ Good sense of humor
+ Driven.
- Lacks patience sometimes and hates when she's patronized or underestimated.
- Can act on impulse rather than reason
Ambitions To become the Chief of Security one day and even captain of her own ship. On a personal level, Shae would like to have a family and settle down someplace nice
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, jogging and boxing, weapons. Reading, music, dancing and old terran movies. Spicy food and ice-cream. Has a collection of 20th and 21st century weapons.
Languages Federation Standard, French. Basic knowledge of Klingon, Andorian & Vulcan


Personal History Born in Proxima Colony, Alpha Centauri C to bar owners, Shae had a modest and laid back upbringing. Her parents were very low on rules and Shae and her siblings had the freedom to do pretty much anything they wanted. They were taught to be respectful and that actions had consequences and while they could do as they pleased they had to handle the outcomes.

Shae was a happy child growing up. She had a lot of energy and spent hours playing with her friends or in some activity with her brothers. Shae was also very independent and an obstinate child. When she put something in her head there was no way she was changing her mind. It was the case of her decision to join the Starfleet. A retired starfleet captain visited the family bar one day and told tales of his ship when he was traveling across galaxies and that sense of wonder in his voice impressed Shae. She wanted to experience and live those emotions the captain described. Shae was six years old then and knew exactly what she was going to do with her life. Her parents weren't so thrilled with Shae's choice, but they supported her anyway

After her secondary education was completed, Shae attended Starfleet Academy and she thrived there. She focused her studies in Security and tactical, showing a lot of devotion and working hard to improve herself personally and professionally. She was extremely dedicated to her studies, but tried to take moments to relax and have fun with her friends too.

In last academic year, Shae was assigned to the USS Horizon for the cadet cruise. It was very exciting to be a crewmember aboard a real ship for the first time and Shae really enjoyed her time there. Upon graduation, she was assigned to the USS IllinoiS where she had the chance to grow as a Starfleet Officer. Shae served aboard the Illinois for three years and the next two at the USS Lonestar. It was another great experience with its ups and downs. Now aboard the USS Armstrong, Shae faces a new stage of her life and she's looking forward to it.
Medical History N/A
Service Record * Starfleet Academy
* USS Horizon: Cadet Cruise - Security/Tactical
* USS Illinois (3 years): Security Officer
* USS Lonestar (2 years): Security Officer
* USS Armstrong: Security Officer