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Lieutenant Commander Adara Gunnar

Name Adara Grace Gunnar

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description 5'7"; roughly 130#, long brown hair, sometimes highlighted with blonde or reddish hints, usually pulled into a tight french twist or braid; steely blue eyes.


Spouse Gregory Maddock (Admiral; former spouse)
Father Frank
Mother Dharma

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Full name is Adara Gunnar-Maddock; Maddock is her ex-husband's name and she usually uses it only when he is around. Cody, her beloved Boxer, had been in her ex's custody, but with the recent assignment to the Armstrong, she moved him to her quarters on the ship. Adara can be goofy, if the situation allows it (i.e., when Cody is around and she thinks they're alone), but is usually duty-oriented and goal-driven. (Don't get in her way!)
Hobbies & Interests Torturing young, inexperienced officers and crewmen; generally making life difficult for those under her command; entertaining Cody.

Languages: Broken Cardassian; Broken Romulan; enough Klingon to get by; a variety of Earth languages; Standard


Personal History Stardate 560210 Born Adara Grace Gunnar.
Stardate 600810 Enters pre-school. Pitches a fit. Parents buy her a puppy to 'calm' her down. Works like a charm. From this moment on, Adara is never without some form of pet. Adara soon becomes the 'leader' of the preschool class - she's the bossiest of the bunch and the others let her boss them about.
Stardate 740515 Graduates from New York High School (PS#147) with honors. During her time at the school, she encountered numerous scary events: fellow students with homemade phasers, homemade communicators and a wide variety of recreational drugs crafted from everything from Argelian bodily fluids to Zoophile's Household cleaners. She avoided peer pressure and did not participate in the use of any recreational drugs (when she says she didn't inhale, she's being totally honest).
Stardate 800430 To celebrate her graduation from the Academy, she gets drunk with friends, inadvertently starts a bar fight (her bossy nature - she told a local drunk to piss off and he didn't take her tone of voice too kindly), and 'soaps' the school's fountain/water feature. The next day, she arrives for the Graduation ceremony hung over, sporting a shiner and smelling exceptionally clean.
Stardate 800701 Meets and immediately hates Captain Gregory Maddock.
Stardate 801211 Much to Adara's dismay, Captain Maddock begins to take a personal interest in her career. She can't fathom why and tells him to piss off.
Stardate 821002 Marries Captain Gregory Maddock in a fit of passion-induced insanity.
Stardate 871010 Maddock gifts Adara with a tiny Boxer puppy. At the time, Adara was learning cyphers and codes, so the poor pooch ended up with the name Cody and is often called "Codesters" by those closest to him. The dog grows up and adores Adara to the exclusion of all other people. Like most human-dog relations, the dog does not belong to Adara; Adara belongs to the dog.
Stardate 910715 Adara takes a personal leave from the USS Audax to resolve certain issues in her marriage.
Stardate 910810 Adara returns to duty and is assigned to the USS Kennedy for transport to the USS Audax.
Stardate 911215 Divorces Maddock and takes an assignment to the USS Armstrong.

Medical History
Stardate 800501 Medical history prior to Academy Graduation: Unremarkable. Standard childhood illnesses, a broken bone or two from being a kid, nothing unusual.
Stardate 850204 Critically injured while on an away mission under the command of Captain Maddock on the USS Halsey.
Stardate 901029 Treated for a broken cheekbone and other minor injuries incurred during an altercation with Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Graves.
Service Record Stardate 800701 Assigned to the USS Nemean Lion under the Command of Captain Gregory Maddock.
Stardate 821020 Transferred to the USS Halsey under the command of Captain Gregory Maddock.
Stardate 850322 Reassigned to the USS Spitfire under the command of Captain John Messenger, Maddock's former Executive Officer.
Stardate 901010 Transferred to the USS Audax as Executive Officer
Stardate 910812 Temporarily assigned to the USS Kennedy under the command of Captain Kenneth Ian Wong.
Stardate 911215 Transferred to the USS Armstrong under the command of Captain John Campbell.