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Chief Petty Officer River Wild

Name River Wild

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Native Birth Name (if any other) Wild is the River
Gender Female
Species Elliciean
Age 32
Place of Birth Elliciea Fancy - Fancy, Mel'lora Village
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Hair Color Shades of brown/black
Eye Color blue
Physical Description cream/tan with various shades of silver gray, striped feline- like patterns

Tall lean muscular frame, slight pointed ears higher up on the side of the head. Prehensile tail.


Father RapidWaters
Mother SoftHands
Brother(s) WeepingHeart & MiddlePath
Sister(s) SwiftTongue, LongBranch
Other Family 10 oth sibs through several other kits.

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Living Quarters Shares with Pasgen.

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests WildRiver enjoys kayaking, fishing, and tinkering with broken things. Has a thing for extreme sport holodeck programs. Like most Ellicieans WildRiver enjoys socializing, and hunting.
Languages Elliciean, Terran, Klingon


Friends On friendly terms with most crew. However, is good friends with Pasgen, Alex McKinney, Jaxon Domi, Viktor Kowelanko, Austin Houstin, Amiri Qu'tal, Antonio Chavez, and Sarah Thatcher.
Romance Kaleb Buhari, quietly.

Kaleb: "Nothing quiet about it. Lots of hissing and growling. The best part is when she purrrrs."

Personal History WildistheRiver was born to RapidWaters an Engineer and BrightDay a hunter, as QuickHands, one of 14 children. From an early age, River had an innate curiosity and a wild spirit. If she wasn't helping her father, an engineer, she was swimming, boating or fishing. Through out her childhood she challenged anything she didn't understand or care for. At the age of 12 WildRiver earned her name, an Elliciean rite of passage, and apprenticed herself to Master Engineer BlackStone. She lived on Fancy and trained and worked for the Elliciean shipyards, her desire to learn and see more drove her to join Starfleet Academy.

In the Academy, River didn't adjust well, feeling discontented and suffering a withdrawn disorder some Ellicieans experience outside of Elliciean culture. Rather than seeking help, River left the academy and gained experience and work within the Federation. Building on her skill, till she met Captain John Campbell and joined the crew of the Armstrong, finally finding a place she truly felt she belonged.

The attack on the Armstrong, taking the lives of many of the crew, most of her engineers, was extremely hard on River. Many were friends and all considered family. River was left with survivors guilt and through counseling, ordered by Starfleet, began to heal. Accepting the new crew and even developing an unplanned romantic relationship with Cryptographer and Language Specialist Kaleb Buhari.

Species Data:
Elliciea Fanci (pronounced - eh-lee-see-ah fancy)
Species name: Elliciean

Elliciea is a lush tropical jungle and temperate forest planet. Pocketed with smaller oceans and lakes spread throughout forest and jungle. Elliciea is rich in both predatory plant and wild life, has violet coloured oceans and sky and is hot and humid for most of the planet. It is also a very windy planet prone to wind storms. Villages are often built off the ground in and around massive tree's and in cliff faces in order to add stability and protection from predators.

Only certain villages , which are more like the size of cities, have a technology allowance and only for what is really needed. Due to tourism, rescue and medical technology is allowed anywhere though not often used by the Ellicieans themselves.

Elliciea draws visitors for their hot springs, rugged and beautiful landscape.

Starfleet Medical is active on Elliciea in an attempt to solve the declining population problem.

Physiology of Elliciean's


Strength level in line with Andorians and Vulcans
Empath- able to sense emotions, which is more of subconscious act, used in the same way that hearing, sight, or smell are used. One example; may walk into a room full of people, and sense fear, but not know from whom it originated from.
Level of empathy varies between individuals and is strongest in females.

Excellent eyesight, hearing and smell, above that of humans.
Larger pointed Ears slightly higher on the side of head, tips of ears twitch and move with emotion. Have long strong prehensile tails which are important for relaying emotion and in conversing and social activities.
Have slightly larger hands with retractable claws, their faces look mostly human except for feline attributes, including noticeably sharp teeth.

Ellicieans, both male and female, range (average) in height from 6'7 to 7'8. Male and female alike are tall with lean muscular frames. Females only develop mammary after having children.

Ellicieans can live to be be around 200 years old, and like Vulcans, it can take quite a while to physically appear old.

They have secondary organs for all major functions, including heart, if the main organs fail. Have both a larger heart and lungs. Ellicieans have a second eyelid to protect their eyes from the consistent wind that blows across Elliciea.

A thick layer of short body fur, though it doesn't appear as such because it is so short. It feels like velvet and generally covers the body in stripped and or spotted patterns. They have long hair which is often braided, short hair is considered a sign of either mental illness or punishment.

The Elliciean language is complicated and often incorrectly translated by the universal translation system due to part of it is of ear tips, body language and tail position along with words. Their language is hard to speak because it uses a series of hissing and gruntal noises as well regular vowel and consonants sounds. Spoken properly, instead of one word at a time, a sentence will sound like one long word.

Ellicieans often learn standard Terran but tend to reverse syntax. Instead of saying "I will go there shortly" they would say "Shortly go there I will"

Socially Ellicieans are an age dominated society. Females are the hunters/warriors and the more aggressive gender, Males tend to instructing and creating. Family units are large and children are cared for by 'the village' mentality. Ellicieans live in large groups for both protection and socializing.

Ellicieans have a mating cycle called 'the burning' this takes affect once every year. In the burning an Elliciean is compelled to take part in the mating hunt, or seek their life partner.

The Burning takes place for all Ellicieans at either one of two times of the year, resulting in two birthing seasons. During the birthing seasons, fertile females can give birth to kits of 1-5 babies at a time. Females capable of producing large kits are expected to do so to increase the waning population. These females and their families gift, which is an intense honour, babies to families unable to have children of their own.

Ellicieans are omnivorous, however they need meat in their diet and hunting is an important part of their society. Hunters, mostly female, hunt in packs the many predators that live on Elliciea. The General Elliciean does not use 'technology' living off of what their world provides.

The Elliciean society as a general whole has degraded backwards; moving from what once was a technologically advanced space exploring culture to one that though welcomes visitor has no interest in exploring or in using technology. The average Elliciean is engrossed in both the hunt and daily surviving of hostile jungle planet. Though death can be common, especially for the young, they value life and enjoy celebrating. Anything from the start of a new season, to a successful hunt is a reason to party.

Elliciean's tend to be very spiritual but their beliefs are not well known and tend to worship at temples deep in their forest and jungles. Their art, architecture, homes, and even body paintings reflect much of their belief system. The obvious elements of their belief system are that they are to live for the good of the whole, their word is their Honor and honour is the highest form of personal and social worth. Though Ellicieans can and do lie, they often will simply not mention or bring something up then lie about it. There are numerous social rules and they have a complex view of when and how certain emotions can be displayed. They do not expect these behaviors from non Ellicieans but are strict amongst each other.

Light flirting is consider polite and complimentary, is expected from each other. Ellicieans have no clothing taboo's and wear clothing only as protection or ceremonial use on their own world. They are not preoccupied with sex,except for when experiencing 'the burning'. They are less inclined to experience it when off world and females struggle the most with the 'burning'.

Ellicieans can not drink alcohol or consume anything with caffeine, such as chocolate, but have a plant, Ulsh, that can be smoked, burnt like incense or even cooked with, that causes a pleasant relaxed feeling and has medicinal qualities. To non Ellicieans it tends to taste sweet.

Ulsh grain, it is safe for all ages and is addictive in the same sense as caffeine, but has very little effect on non-Ellicieans, except for its pain relieving properties. Has been known if not cured/treated properly Ulsh can cause a temporary psychosis state in the user. Thus Ellicieans tend to be very particular on how it is grown, stored, and treated.

Individuals who wish to leave Elliciea whether to join Star fleet or for any other reason must earn the right. When they return home they are however expected to leave technology behind.

Ellicieans earn their names. They are often given names, when babies, of physical characteristics or combination of parental names. Examples: Brownfoot, LittleHands, RedMoon. Then when they are about 14 they go on 'the walk' to earn their first name which is often chosen for them. This is a rite of passage into adulthood. Through out an Elliciean's life they may decide to change their name after a life changing event. Example: WalkTheFire.

Ellicieans who leave, often take a human or non-Elliciean name as a 'first' name. Example . Elsie StormNight.

Some Elliciean's are attached in a symbiotic relationship with a species of flying lizard, resembling that of a minature dragon, no bigger then about 1 foot high with a wing span of two feet. The Graken are hard to get a hold of and are coveted by hunters and any profession that travels. They provide constant mental and emotional company. They are an intelligent animal species that not only provides company but can be trained. A Graken will die when the Elliciean they are bonded to dies and those lucky enough to possess a graken can fall ill if the Graken becomes sick and or dies before they do. They are not considered a pet but an extension of the Elliciean themselves.